Sorry About That!

So sorry about the site going down!

So sorry also about those creepy ads!

We didn’t receive notice from the server that we had to renew the domain name. This could be because of our spam filter threw out the reminder or simply because, as webmaster Ben believes, this is probably the way the server makes its money- selling ads that are posted when someone doesn’t renew their domain in time, thus allowing other companies’ ads to benefit from our web traffic.

When the server took down the site, not only did they posted those charming photos and ads for massage oils and such- apparently thinking that Flower Essences are something best used in Las Vegas…. but they also said it would take them 24-48 hours to put our site back online after we had paid the fee….. Hence the thirty six hours or so of underdressed ladies.

Since its not a process that takes any time to put the site back up, Ben theorizes that this delay tactic is another way the server benefits from customer lapses. The longer the site is down the better for these other advertisers.

Again, heartfelt apologies for this. We paid up for the maximum amount of five years so as to avoid this problem for as long as possible.

And about those smarmy cheesecake shots that the web server posted as ads……This is the only kind of cake we want on our site



What can I say, Strawberry Raspberry Blueberry Berry season is an excuse for desserts and whipped cream. This fabulous six layer wonder was created by Ben’s friend Megan.

And if we have to stoop to cheesecake shots, let them be like this one of Riley, naked, with a Flower Essence at his side, living the life of Riley.

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