Summer’s Flowering

So many beautiful Wildflowers to visit with on today’s early morning walk. Bouquet participants Vetch, Red Clover, Purple Flowering Raspberry, White Yarrow, Black Eyed Susan, Ox Eyed Daisy, and Buttercup are all beloved Flower Essence friends. How glad I am to greet them during their annual return to the meadows and hedgerows of northern New England.

Happy Summer! I’ll be making Flower Essences this morning. So many to make on days like this when so much is blooming and its so clear, bright, and sunny.


Here’s my working list for what I need to make to keep up our inventory. So it’s illegible. Believe me, its still illegible when its in focus. Between me and Deb, no one can decide whose handwriting is worse. Anyways, I can read my scrawl and if I forget to look at the list often enough or can’t decipher something, the Flowers call as I pass them in field or garden to remind me I need to make an Essence from them.

I’m off with my bowls of water. Hope you have a lovely summer weekend!

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