June Hoorays


William is safely done with the school year. When asked today, his first morning of summer vacation, if he wanted to help in the office or help outside, he declined both employment opportunities in order to rest up for a birthday party tonight. This resting involved hitting a soccer ball against the barn door for what felt like a small eternity.

I want to thank all of you who prayed for us and everyone at William’s school this spring. Your prayers lit up the place. We are most deeply grateful for your love and support.

Sadly, so many of you shared with me that you had been through similar situations of death threats. All of you mentioned how isolating these experiences were. We too felt very isolated by our earlier death threat experiences. This time we felt less alone, thanks to you all and your cards, emails, thoughtful encouragement, and prayers. Grateful thanks to each of you for your love and sharing.

Our hope this summer is to peacefully catch our breath. We also plan to lean on the school board so that they come up with a policy for this kind of situation that is not so half baked. Having Jim be Will’s bodyguard for the spring and also guard the other child threatened by this classmate may have given me the courage to send Will to school, but it really shouldn’t be policy.

We will continue to pray for the troubled child who threatened Will and another classmate and hope the help he is getting this summer will mean that no child or family faces this kind of situation again come fall. In the meantime, bodyguard Jim has one more day of school meetings before he too gets a well deserved summer vacation.

I hope he’ll kick the soccer ball against the barn door for a few days himself before diving into one of his summer projects.

I will insist he smell the Roses. They are sooooooo gorgeous this year


He’ll need to smell the new cut hay too.

Or better yet, run out there

and jump from bale to bale.


A time honored June tradition.

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