June 27th. The Water Lilies are glorious. More importantly, it’s Sophie’s 20th birthday!

She is out with Emily mulching another garden right now. Hopefully, she is unaware that we are planning a Tea Party for her in the Arbor Garden this afternoon.

Deb, her mom, is famous for her Cream Teas. When they lived in Cornwall, Deb ran a tea shop at her husband’s pottery. After seeing the tea shop’s menu and tasting her cooking, I know why people came from far and wide for tea in her shop.

Fortunately, even after ten years in America, Deb hasn’t lost her ability to throw a wildly sucessful tea party.

She is in charge of all the desserts today. I made a few savory items with more than a little of my favorite ingredient in them……


No one has quite noticed this yet, but with seven rows of parsley in the Venus Garden, I am adding parsley to everything. And I mean everything.

Do you think garnishing the strawberries this way for today’s party will give me away?


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