Saturday Afternoon

Saturday afternoon.

I placed the last of the necessary support twigs for the Sweet Peas in the Venus Garden.


I found homes in various gardens for those last plants that had lingered without clear purpose during the heyday of planting. They even got watered in. I picked up the piles of bindweed from the weeding Emily and I had done during the week.

Then I had some time to admire the good job the honeybees did pollinating the blueberries.
I had time to smell the Roses, which by the way are not this strange garish pink.

I had a moment to smell the Mock Orange too.


Then I moved a bench to the top of the herb garden to I could look at the view.

And watch my own Fabio, aka Jim, mow the lawn.

It was a good moment, a wonderful moment, even though it didn’t last so very long because the flies were terrible, it began to thunder, and Will needed a ride somewhere. But flies and thunder are June and a dear live child needing a ride, well that’s perfection.

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