April Weather

Snow. April snow. One storm piling into another, day after day.

I try and think of these storms as a chance to keep on with winter crafts. I finished knitting the border for the third of the fifth grade afghans, modeled here by William.

We keep feeding the birds. There are so many unusual ones at the feeder, looking like the rest of us, a bit bewildered by this spring.


On Sunday, our fifth day in a row of falling snow, William stayed in bed reading books with a couple of cats to keep him company. This was a good model for the rest of us who had hopeless aspirations of fighting the high winds and pelting snow for some fresh air.

Late Sunday, the sky turned that awful strange black and green color I have seen before with microbursts and tornadoes. I did the land clearing process for the farm grid and hoped for the best as relentless winds with some serious gusts of sixty to seventy miles an hour pounded us all night. Today, it is still extremely windy, though fortunately the precipitation has become sleet and rain. None of us have ever heard such whistling and roaring noises in this building. Branches and sleet beating against the windows and roof add to the cacaphony.

At the bottom of our hill, about half a mile from here, the storm damage was extensive. The shots below are of a formerly dense forest.

We seem to be the only house on the road with power. I am going to post this while we still have power. And bring in another load of wood to keep the home fires burning.

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