What a Difference a Week Makes!

Mid week, just when we were all about to jump ship for warmer climes, the weather turned on a dime. The last four days of seventy degrees and sunshine broke our world open into glorious Flower!


Crocuses in the Arbor Garden

Siberian Squill (Scilla siberica)
Forsythia just beginning to strut its stuff

Within a few minutes of the weather shift, the spring peepers were chorusing with reckless abandon in the pond across the street. We celebrated with badminton and garden projects. I cleaned up the gardens and spread compost and other soil amendments in all the beds. As I worked, piles of brush accumulated where piles of snow had been just moments before.



There were lots of branches to rake up from the big storm. Here Jim loads the truck with one of many loads of small twigs blown down by the high winds.


Of course, mulch was involved in the weekend’s projects. If you read this blog before, you probably know how passionately I feel about MULCH.

Jim and I made an executive decision to mulch between the rows of blueberries. The grass between rows is hard to mow ( Jim’s input) and the thin rows of blueberries and mulch are hard to keep weeded because the grass grows into them so fast ( my input). So, we covered the ground with the cardboard boxes that our various bottles and boxes arrive in and then covered this layer of cardboard with native bark mulch.

We have found this system of mulching works so much better than commercial landscape cloth. We save all the boxes during the winter and then have a big stash for projects like this in the spring.

Is it any wonder that when one of us walks into the garden center where we get our mulch, whomever is at the service desk just picks up their walkie talkie without missing a beat to alert the person out back with the heavy machinery ” One load native bark for a gold pick up.”


One of our Plum trees blew over in the storm last week. The Elementals suggested we use a come along to pull it upright. Here it is anchored after its been straightened as far as it wanted to go. Since then, the Elementals have had me take a five gallon bucket of Essence water down to the tree once a day. I thought that they would want me just to water the tree with this mix, but instead they have had me scoop the water up into branches and air around the tree, bathing the aura of the tree in the energy of Recovery, Grounding, Golden Armor, Healthy Coat, Emergency Care, Anxiety and of course Green & Tonic. I am hopeful that the tree will recover from its traumatic experience. We hope the greening world and the Essences will set this tree free to flourish again. All this green is make us dizzy with JOY!

All in all, what a difference from last Monday!

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