Each week as we ship orders off to you in places as diverse as Bangladesh and Boston, we get to notice all sorts of patterns.

More often than not, any week here at the farm will offer up a lot of mysterious patterns. As we notice the patterns, we often have no explanation for them. And when we ask ourselves things like, “Why so many Lilac Flower Essences out the door this week?” it’s really our way of saying we don’t know a lot about oneness but we do have proof of it.

Even as we don’t understand what the patterns mean, we don’t doubt that these patterns reflect a oneness beneath the surface illusion of separation. No one could pack orders here for very long before noticing that when there is a sudden interest in a particular Flower Essence in one place on earth, our oneness will mean that people from all over our dear earth are going to be ordering it as well.

The fact is that when a Flower Essence that sits quietly on our shelves one week needs to be bottled in many, many batches the next, these patterns become impossible to miss. Take this week. The Alignment Garden has had a steady following since its creation several years ago. It goes off to lots of people each week. But this month, it is going out in a flood. The shippers hardly need to speak to me when they come out to the bottling room to request more of it. That’s our little bit of wordless oneness. A look says it all. And this week the look meant, “Molly, we need more Alignment Garden.

What do I guess about this mysterious pattern, this surge of interest in the Alignment Garden mix? Well one thing I feel is that it’s good news. Just as Coralita offers her loving service to untangling profound gordian knots in our energy system, the Alignment Garden helps people get physically aligned with the accelerating vibration of the earth and their purpose here, and that’s a good thing.

Helping us align both with our divine purpose as well as get all parts of our energetic system into alignment, this is a mix that helps us get down to business. Here’s the link to its definition the Alignment Garden
One Green Hope friend wrote us an email this week to tell us how the Alignment Garden and Belerephon of the Open Door, another powerhouse from the Venus Garden collection, had been the two Essences he felt helped him to leave a job he had hated for nine long years and leap into a new profession giving piano lessons. He sent us a photo of the gorgeous piano that had come into his life since he switched jobs and spoke with great affection of the many students he was now teaching.

I loved hearing from this Green Hope friend. Everyone here has been lucky enough to hear wonderful Alignment Garden stories like this since its creation a number of years ago. This feedback means that all of us sending the mix off into the world this week felt heartened by the volume of orders for this mix. So much wonderful change afoot, and if we are lucky, we will get to hear tell of it from you all.

Speaking of changes in alignment with divine purpose, after a lovely stretch with Olivia Fauver here in the office, her path is taking her on new adventures. A college student taking time off from her studies, Olivia was always someone I knew we we would have to let go of, sooner or later. Now a series of adventures in Arizona, New York City then Beijing have her taking flight. Some people’s alignment with their purpose involves a lot more airplanes than mine, and frankly I am glad mine seems to mostly involve trips to the bird feeder whereas for Olivia, I can see from the sparkle in her eye that alignment for her means journeys to all parts of the globe.

In any case, as Olivia departs, I think of the synchronicity of her time here. In 1993 as a three year old, she spent the summer in the gardens while a bunch of adults including her mom shared the gardens with visitors. This was the season when we planted out first garden in the space we call the Venus Garden. This space has given us mixes including the Sunflower Spiral, Phoenix Rising, Loving What Is, Don’t Worry-Bee Happy, Love Prevails and yes, the Alignment Garden.

In 1993 when Olivia was first here the garden and combination Flower Essence mix we made from the garden was called the Eight Garden. And yup, when she returned to us 17 years later to work here, the garden and combination Flower Essence mix we made from the garden was called…the Eight Garden once again as we took this transformative magical expansive mandela forward into a new variation. That was a pattern we all enjoyed, though I certainly hope we don’t need to wait 17 more years to have Olivia return to us.


Here Olivia is at age three, lunching with Emily during the wild summer of 1993 when we were aligning with a mysterious plan for all things Green Hope Farm. Emily is probably going to shoot me for posting this picture. Even as a blonde pixie of four, she was a woman with a spicy attitude. But I just can’t resist posting this! The moment seemed pretty mundane at the time. We were feeding the little children and gardeners some lunch as we prepared to welcome afternoon visitors to the gardens. I didn’t think about how this adventure would unfold or how these two might become an integral part of it again two decades later. Apparently they weren’t too concerned about this either!

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