One Pig in a Blanket

It’s Super Bowl Sunday- Earlier today, Jim heard John Tesh on the radio suggesting that people look over the buffet spread at their Super Bowl parties then chose just one snack and THEN have only one bite of that snack. Apparently John chose as a likely snack choice, pigs in a blanket but then had a difficult time describing exactly what this was.

We have all enjoyed a belly laugh about his radio commentary. We also got a kick out of his midweek suggestion about improving our diet by eating in occasionally.

It’s not hard to imagine that John has a more lively social life than mine. For example, he probably would not describe eating a granola bar outside while shoveling snow as eating out. He also probably doesn’t need to shovel out his car for forty five minutes then drive on snow clogged roads for another forty five minutes to eat out. A man who can rent a whole restaurant and also an orchestra to play in the restaurant when he proposes to his wife probably doesn’t have the same constraints on his eating out options that most of us do whether it’s been snowing or not.

Which is why I need to comment a little more on his Super Bowl suggestions. I have to wonder if John has ever actually BEEN to a Super Bowl party. Clearly he has never prepared snacks for one because he has missed the point of the whole event. It’s volume. Plain and simple. The men folk are setting off now with their contribution to the Super Bowl party they are going to. They have so much to carry, it looks like they are moving out. Jim’s parting words? ” I would rather eat no snacks at all than eat just one, therefore I am planning on eating everything.”

Frankly, this is one Super Bowl where Jim probably NEEDS to eat everything in sight. He spent the entire day shoveling snow. First he shoveled snow off the roof of the house and office. Then he hacked off the ice build up under the snow on these roofs with a hammer. Then he shoveled the myriad paths around the place and then he cleared off vehicles so that tomorrow all things Green Hope Farm can whirl back into action. Like pretty much everyone in America except John Tesh, Jim’s pre-Super Bowl week involved a lot of snow, a lot.

Quite simply, it was the kind of week in which one pig in a blanket just isn’t enough.

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