Yes, the weather is always crazy, but everyone we talk to has particularly crazy weather stories right now. We are probably dealing with the most mundane of conditions with just a couple feet of snow on the ground and the usual January chill whereas so many of you have absolutely nutty conditions to report.

As I noted already, crazy weather had affected lots of things in St John. Here’s a bench that is usually overlooking a salt pond not part of the pond.

The unusual weather on St John meant that some Flower friends were more abundant while some were long gone. One abundant friend spoke with me numerous times to say she wanted to help humanity RIGHT NOW because her gifts were perfect for the confused energies of this time. The Flower was Coralita.


I can’t exaggerate how much this Flower loves to love or how focused this Flower is on serving humanity via its Flower Essence RIGHT NOW. After phoning Ben for inservice #174689, I can give you this link to our description of this beloved Flower Essence: Coralita

But the link is not enough!

St John’s strange off rhythm weather didn’t impede this Flower from speaking to me loud and clear about its mission- It told me numerous times during my short stay on the island that it was a particular blessing to humanity RIGHT NOW. And today Coralita asked me again if it could call attention to her gifts and her desire to serve, RIGHT NOW!

As a profound untangler of confused energies, Coralita has helped so many to unravel knotty problems and smooth out energy tangles in many places including the central nervous system. If you find yourself in a tangle physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally, please consider Coralita.

Not surprisingly given its gorgeous pink color, it offers its support with a light touch but it is also a determined ally.

Dear dear Coralita. Such a love but also such a powerhouse!

I hope like the honeybees in the photos you will take her up on her offers of support!

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