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After a series of soggy, gray days, yesterday was sunny with that incredible clear air of late summer and early fall. This meant tearing around the gardens and nearby fields and woodlands making Flower Essences. I found an unfamiliar wildflower and discovered it to be a member of the pea family called Groundnut.


Isn’t this an unusual and interesting Flower? So finely detailed and such a striking chocolate pink. I can’t wait to visit with it and begin to find out its Flower Essence gifts.

I made two other new Flower Essences. One was long overdue. Purple Loosestrife. This is that magenta purple Flower that fills the wetlands in the eastern United States, the one with all the leaflets telling people not to plant it because it is a menace. My feeling about plants that are considered invasive is that they are doing some kind of energetic balancing work (I guess I need to apply that theory to my issues with poison ivy….).

With its purple spires, my guess is that Purple Loosestrife is helping the entire eastern seaboard to ground higher vibrational energies. I welcome it into our collection and look forward to talking with it. When I began to make it into an Essence, the Flower sent me such a wave of love I was stopped in my tracks. This made me so very glad that I was bringing it on board. Here are several wands of this Purple Loosestrife near the wetlands where I found it blooming.

While I was collecting the Groundnut, a nearby plant called out that it too wanted to be made into an Essence. It proved to be a wild variety of Evening Primrose. I happily made it into an Essence also.

It is interesting to me how the moment I make a new Flower Essence, people call looking for it and the Angels start recommending it left and right. One new Essence from this summer that the Angels have recommended frequently, even before I have had the chance to grasp more than a glimmer of its restorative and revitalizing energetics, is Applemint.

It is strange and wonderful how Flowers that have been living cheek by jowl with us in the gardens, as is the case with Applemint, suddenly step forward to be incorporated in our Flower Essence collection and immediately find a vital purpose.

So far, the Angels have suggested it for a number of people and animals seeking a deeply restorative experience. It has a cool green refreshing vibration that feels very energizing but not dizzying. That’s not very specific and I hope to write a better description soon.

Another beloved Flower that is coming into greater focus for me and in our collection of Flower Essences is Day Lily. This was one of the first Flower Essences I made almost twenty years ago. It was included in my earliest lists of available Flower Essences, but later was not included in the Guide.

Day Lily is all about awakening. Its Essence helped me to awaken to my calling to Flower Essences. I am only sorry that I fell asleep when it came to keeping it in focus for other people and their awakening processes. Day Lily has been telling me that it wants to be more front and center again both in our gardens and in our collection. This means I have been spending time appreciating the Day Lilies here and thinking about adding more to our gardens. It also means I will be putting Day Lily Flower Essence back into our main line up of Flower Essences.

I found a Day Lily farm in Vermont and discovered it was near my route to Elizabeth’s place in Bennington. On my way home from moving her into her new apartment last weekend, I stopped at Olallie Daylily Gardens in South Newfane, Vermont. Acres and acres of gorgeous Day Lilies greeted me. It was late in the afternoon and the place was quiet with that soft almost evening light that makes Flowers glow. At first, I was just so overwhelmed by all the gorgeous varieties around me that I thought I would never sort out what I wanted. I began to make a list of the Day Lilies calling to me the loudest, but finally surrendered and had a lovely young man dig up a dozen different varieties for me to take home to Green Hope Farm. Day Lilies really are amazing. I planted these new plants the next morning and by the next day they were blooming as if they had never been anywhere else.
This one is called Gala and already it has put on quite a show.

Well the fog has burned off and the sun is OUT AGAIN! How lucky can I be? The dogs are outside at the door making a racket to get me to join them. So I am off to mulch and weed and harvest plums and pears!

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