Flow Free

Flow Free.

I have been taking Flow Free a lot lately. This is one of the most versatile remedies in our collection. It is so deeply helpful in so many ways. Like many Flower Essences and Flower Essence combinations, when it was first created, we saw only the tip of the iceberg of how it supports people and animals in their healing tasks. As the years have unfolded, we have begun to see beneath the surface to its vast and diverse strengths.

The tip of the iceberg for which Flow Free was created was urinary tract issues, specifically a request for Flower Essence help from an older gentleman with prostate issues. On a number of trips to Bermuda, Lynn and I decided to seek out Flowers that we thought would help with flow issues in this part of the body. We called this our “P” project and the Flowers were referred to as our “P” plants. Okay, so it was a fun project! We laughed a lot! But we also came back from these trips with fabulously Flower Essences, helpful in their own right and vital to our beloved Flow Free combination remedy.

Our most memorable moment making “P” Flower Essences for this remedy came when we made our first batch of Monkey Tail. We found this pendulous long fuzzy red Flower in the gardens of a very posh, very old world resort owned by a childhood friend of Lynn’s. As we lowered the long hairy flower into our glass bowl, a prim group of Brits gazed at us with equal parts veiled curiosity and equal parts horror at our unseemly and strangely suggestive behavior.

After that, I grew Monkey Tail in the greenhouse here so as to avoid this kind of scene. This was a relief to Lynn who has the impeccable manners born of a Bermuda childhood. She would say that she bore with me through my “P” Flower Essence missions out of compassion for this friend with the prostate issue, but I think SHE actually coined the phrase “P” plant and as I recall, she laughed just as hard as I did when we created the furor at the resort.

In any case, the gardens here and the gardens of Bermuda gave us a wonderful compliment of Flower Essences for our friend’s issue. The Angels encouraged us to make the group into a combination remedy they called Flow Free. By the time we launched the remedy, we had realized from feedback and our own experiences that Flow Free offered supportive information for all sorts of issues of the urinary tract not just prostate issues, so that was the basis for our initial definition.

Almost at once, we found the Angels and our own intuition leading us to suggest this remedy for a much broader range of issues. Flow Free offers helpful information for circulatory issues. It offers helpful information for any kind of blockage. The blockage need not be physical. Basically, any time there is resistance or a sense of things not moving, a need to let go, or a desire to go with the flow then Flow Free surfaces as a possible support.

Stories flooded back to us about this remedy. They still do. This morning I was thinking about writing about Flow Free and one of the first emails on my desktop concerned an ailing cat with non specific symptoms who had found much better health after being given this remedy. This was the nudge I needed to write about Flow Free.

I use the phrase “non-specific symptoms” intentionally. Flow Free unlocks and releases situations that defy description and seem to defy help. I think of it as the stealth Essence in the collection, the one I would suggest for mysterious situations.

I don’t mean to suggest it’s a mysterious process to arrive at Flow Free as a possible tool. It’s just that because of the many mysterious situations in which it has unlocked and released the situation, I have needed to broaden and then broaden some more my sense of when and how to offer this remedy to the world. Basically, Flow Free is one I now think about offering for most any situation. And when I check with the Angels, which is what I do whenever someone asks for a suggestion, the Angels so often concur. Flow Free it is.

One of the things I notice about the Angels is that they work with the essences in a metaphorical way as well as a literal way. If someone is back stabbing you, they will suggest Watch Your Back. If you are being pestered by someone else, they will suggest Flee Free. With Flow Free they have helped me see that it helps with emotional flow, flow of ideas, flow of material goods, flow of tears when grief is bottled up, basically any situation when things are dammed up and need to flow better.

Right now they have suggested it for me as I navigate the transition of Lizzy and Ben off in their new apartments and Jim, Emily, and William back to school. Flow Free helps me go with the flow of all these changes. I am drinking a quart jar of water with Flow Free in it right now. From the moment of birth onwards, letting go seems to be the job description of parenthood and never more so for me than this week.

And how did the moves go? Ben is now ensconced in a great apartment on the top floor of a boy’s dorm at Kimball Union Academy. The view from each of his dormer windows is breathtaking, sort of like paintings by Bruegel in which you can see world after world unfolding in the distance. We dubbed his place the “Crow’s Nest” because of this sense of overlooking the world and then discovered that one of the last people who had lived there also called it that. Lizzy is settled into a charming old house, part of faculty and staff housing at Bennington. For those who love synchronicities as much as I do and who have been hanging with my rhino blogs this summer, you may find it as funny as I did that when we unpacked Lizzy’s pots and pans in the kitchen of her new home, we found a ceramic RHINO sitting on the top of the stove. How that comforted me that she was right where the universe wanted her!


Here she is holding the rhino of Faculty Row #3, in Bennington, Vermont!

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