We Get the Best Mail

We get the best mail. This summer it may be raining cats and dogs outside, but inside, as always, it is raining fun, beautiful, informative, supportive mail!

So many of your letters, cards, and emails share your experiences with the Flower Essences. What you share is always so much fun to read. Thank you one and all! We deeply appreciate each of you that takes the time to tell us your healing stories!

Here’s an excerpt from a note we got yesterday. It reminded us that all our efforts to find Flower Essences for hair issues were worth it.

“Guess what? My boyfriend has begun to grow hair on a pate smooth for 20 years.”

The Flower Essences she ordered? Claret Cup, Cedar, Cotton, Bog Cotton, Madagascar Periwinkle, Ocotillo, Digestive Woes, Desert Gold, Healthy Coat, Beautiful Skin and Vitex.

As I transcribed this list, I thought maybe I should only mention the part of the order with the most obvious connections to hair issues. The Angels interrupted me to say, ” All of these Essences serve this situation, not just the most obviously hair oriented Flower Essences like Cotton. This is such an excellent example of how in trusting your intuition even when it seems to lead towards choices that have no apparent bearing on the situation, you open the way for the Flower Essences to support you in the most profound and multifaceted way possible.”

Nicely said! And now I am going to start my day with a glass of water containing all the unusual unexpected and inexplicable Flower Essence choices of the Angels!

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