When Rain is King

So are the Slugs…..


And after finishing off most of the Red Shiso, they have moved on to the lettuce, spinach, chard, hostas, marigolds, kale, peppers, eggplant, cabbage, broccoli.

At this point, between trips to the local farm stand for vegetables, I begin to wonder, is there anything besides crab grass that slugs don’t eat?

I am not alone in my musings on these meaty existential questions. At the farm stand yesterday, they ALSO were talking about slugs and their futile attempts to make slugs more appealing, even cute by calling them, “hitchkhikers.” Apparently at the pick your own strawberry part of their operation, the slugs are all over the berries and this PR is not really improving the situation.

Let’s face the sad truth, there is nothing cute about slugs.

There is hope that the slug population will recede as we have finally seen the sun for a few minutes. It is almost freaky to see a bit of blue sky and have a few blessed moments of sunshine.

And the few moments of sunshine were not much consolation to May May and Jim who have worked on the stonewall patio project in “heavy mists and light drizzle” because their only other options were working during deluges, floods, thunderstorms, or downpours.

Is it really any wonder that another Sheehan has taken off for Spain where the pilgrimage trail promises sunshine and heat?

And when I took this shot of Ben about to head to JFK on the train to NYC, I had to acknowledge the good sense of Will, who is looking like he might leap that train with Ben and head out on the Camino himself.

Now there’s a hitchhiker that might qualify as cute.

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