The Dogs’ New Clothes

It was a great idea. It seemed like a good idea. I’m not sure it was a good idea.

We would get a professional to groom and clip May May and Riley with a puppy cut.

It would the first time in their relaxed country lives that they got gussied up. It would be the first time since the womb that they would be naked.

I tuned in to the two of them before making the call to the groomer. Neither seemed to have an opinion, but then why would they? Would any self respecting country dog ask for this? “Yes, I like the idea of being shaved from neck to toe.” Can you imagine either asking for this? If only I had known what I know now…….

Oh yes, hindsight is always 20-20.

So we went for it.

Gave them both a puppy cut for the summer. Told ourselves things like, “They will be so cool during hot summer months.” Like today, when it is about 40 degrees and they are holed up on the couch wearing an expressions that says “Wrap me in heated blankets.”


They could be saying, “Look how buff I am! I walk ten miles a day and it shows.” But they aren’t saying this.

May May is saying, “How COULD you?” and Riley is saying, “Just let me hide under this table until this indignity passes.”

And what am I saying to them, in addition to ” I’m sorry.” I am saying, “Your lovely hair will grow back and we won’t try this stunt again unless you make it clear that you really love it.” I don’t know what this would take for me to be convinced. Every time I see one of them I am shocked speechless!

Maybe it is time for the heated blankets to cover them up, and not just for them! After seven years of a lot of hair, their hairless state is too much information for all of us!

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