From Entitlement to Gratitude

Dear readers, dear readers, I know you aren’t the audience that needs the following blog because you are the very souls that cherish the Earth as it deserves to be cherished, but I have to write this any ways.

I find myself quite charged up about Elemental issues and concerns right now. One reason for this is that my Elemental friends and partners are currently in such distress. So once again, I dive into the topic of the Elementals, their work, their world view, and their relationship with humanity.

When I talk with people about Angels, most have figured out how they feel about these beloved beings. The last twenty years has brought much information about the Angelic kingdom to humanity’s attention. As a consequence, there seem to be fewer questions in people’s minds about Angels and also growing gratitude from the human community for the Angelic community.

This is not the case with the Elementals. They remain misunderstood and under appreciated.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, Elementals sometimes appear to people in the form of Fairies, Elves, Gnomes, and other creatures, but their function is not decorative.

The big picture is that the Elementals hold Earth reality in form for us. They are the engine that drives the manifest world. Their mental focus holds the vibration of each and every thing in creation in a form we can experience as physically tangible. If you can see something, thank an Elemental, because it would not be in material form without an Elemental holding its form.

Because of humanity’s arrogant attitude towards the Elementals and their work, the fate of much of the material world hangs in the balance. Humanity must move from an attitude of “It’s my planet and I’ll do what I want to.” to an attitude of conscious cooperation, understanding, acknowledgment, and gratitude to the Elementals for their essential work. This will be necessary to restore Earth.

In clarifying the work of the Elementals, it’s important to understand that they do not have to serve humanity the way Angels do.

Angels must support us no matter what we do. They are assigned to individual humans and hold us with love and compassion no matter how we behave. Whether our actions add to the light of the planet or not, we will still have a core group of Angels aiding us. They will steadily support us throughout our lives whether we ever give thanks for this help. If we work consciously with Angels or serve humanity in a way that could benefit from more Angelic assistance, we receive more Angelic support. To sum up, humanity is lucky enough to have Angelic help no matter what we do. This help comes in many forms including guidance, encouragement, energetic gifts of love, hope, compassion, and other positive emotions, and opportunities for spiritual growth.

Elementals do not share the same rules of engagement with the human community as the Angels. The Elementals have much more volition about serving us. They have the free will to stop supporting our misguided ideas and creations.

Until recently the Elementals behaved like the Angels. They cleaned up our energetic and material destructiveness on the planet and basically went along with whatever we decided to do. They were willing to clean up our mistakes as a parent might clean up the mistakes of a very young child.
But these days, the Elementals know we are no longer like young children that do not know any better. The truth is, we have a sophisticated model of cause and effect, but are unwilling to own that we know it.

Unlike Angels, Elementals have a choice about their ongoing work for humanity. The Elementals I talk to seem poised to void the old contract and re-negotiate on much different terms. In fact, this process is underway in many places in the world.

In places where the old contract between the Elementals and humanity is still operating, if you make an atomic bomb in your basement, the Elementals will hold the different materials in form for you while you assemble the bomb. As with the Angels, they have choice about the level of involvement and will probably not send in extra support for this dubious effort.

But unlike Angels, who must continue to participate in our learning lessons to one degree or another, Elementals can completely withdraw their energy from a project, place, or situation if they choose. The thing itself may still stay in manifestation for awhile after the Elementals pull their energies from the situation, but the situation or project will not have the animating life force energy of an Elemental. It will be dead matter. Eventually it will break down and move out of form.

In many places, Elementals have abandoned the old contract with humanity and have begun to pull out all their energies.

Dead matter is exactly what a lot of the Caribbean felt like this winter. There was virtually no life force in the land and very few stalwart Elementals holding the place in form. I don’t know what to make of this except we need to change our attitudes and behaviors if we are going to get the Elementals to re engage in holding this and other places in form.

Why would an Elemental pull their energies from one of our creations or from a place where we inhabit or from some project we are involved in?

Because humanity, both collectively and individually, willfully proceeds with bad ideas that we KNOW hurt our planet home. It is not like we are being destructive because we lack information. We have the information to do better and yet, we refuse to do better.

The Elementals know we know better. They know we know what we are doing to Earth. They know we choose to make other things more important than our stewardship of Earth.

We have hit the end of the road on the Elementals’ willingness to let us keep going with this approach. When I talk to the Elementals nowadays, their emotions are intense. They are deeply sad and deeply angry. They are close to calling it a day and completely withdrawing their energies from vast tracts of land. The Angels hold a steady note because their work is different. They will be here in the same way if half the world is underwater. And if the world is half under water, it will be because we refused to be our best selves.

I have written about this before, but the mood of the Elementals calls me to return to this topic. I have been consciously working with Elementals for about twenty years and over this time they have grown increasingly distraught. They explain logical consequences to me more vehemently. That is, when they are calm enough to talk.

Let me show this shift as it relates to one small incident that arose this week.

A company wanted to use Green Hope Farm Flower Essences in their product, but balked at our request that they list Green Hope Farm Flower Essences on the label for their product.

When they first floated out their project idea, I e-mailed to explain to them that the Elementals that hold the energy of the Flower Essence in form in our bottles want to be acknowledged on the product label for their ongoing work, even when the Essence is transferred into another product. One analogy would be labeling Oreo Cookies and Cream Ice Cream with the Oreo trademark if actual Oreo brand cookies were in the product.

The company representative’s response indicated to me that she didn’t believe in Elementals and thought it was just me demanding something to focus attention on Green Hope Farm. I sensed that because she was dangling a large contract under our noses, she assumed that I would simply cave in to their way of doing things. I didn’t and I won’t.

As far as I am concerned, one of the most important things that happens at Green Hope Farm is that we consciously work with the Elemental and Angelic kingdoms in everything we do. The cooperative work and the human staff’s conscious acknowledgment and gratitude to our Elemental and Angelic partners are the cornerstones of Green Hope Farm.

This is not an abstract partnership. This is not a story I told myself about Fairies and Angels dancing around the yard. Everything that happens here is held in a crucible of all partners. When us humans run into a challenge of any sort, we bring it to our partners to discuss. Sometimes we do this in the format of a group meditation during which we ask for the guidance of our Elemental and Angelic partners. Over the years we have been amazed and awed by the ideas and solutions we have received in this format. We also try and give thanks for everything that happens here because of our partners. There is so much to be thankful for.

So whether the company representative thinks I am telling her a fairy tale or not, it doesn’t change the reality of my partnership with the Elementals.

I honor this partnership by following the Elementals’ guidance. This is for practical as well as emotional reasons. After all, I know from experience that the Elementals hold a superior knowledge about Earth stewardship and Green Hope Farm stewardship than I do!

I also thank them frequently for their willingness to be partners with us humans here. I appreciate their free will decision to be as involved as they are here. Heck, I just love the Elementals! So even as the company spokesperson kept referring to the Elementals’ request as my request, the Elementals are real to me and I will honor and support this labeling request as the very least I can do to acknowledge my steadfast partners.

As I went back to the company representative for yet another round of conversation, I felt the many Elementals I work with charged up about this exchange. I learned some things from the Elementals that I had never actually been told before. It was as if the Elementals patience has worn thin with the politics of such silly negotiations and they wanted me to understand more fully the realities of even this small situation.

The Elementals told me, in no uncertain terms, that if someone uses Green Hope Farm Flower Essences in their product without acknowledging Green Hope Essences as an ingredient, the Elementals pull the energy of the Flower Essences from the product.

They explained that because Green Hope Farm is a place where we are working to create a new paradigm of cooperation and conscious acknowledgment between kingdoms, the Elementals involved here will not move back from this standard of acknowledgment and cooperation to the dark ages of ignoring their role in all creation. NOR WOULD I WANT THEM TO!!

But they reiterated that even the old dying model of humans and Elemental work together in unacknowledged partnership did not allow for such egregious use of their energies. Flower Essences cannot be WalMartized by some greedy corporation.

The Elementals must be asked to participate, acknowledged for their participation, and thanked for their participation to make a Flower Essence or there is no life force in the Essence. If there is no life force in the Essence, the product is worthless.

People are going to feel this deadness because people are making decisions about Essences from an energetic place. If there is no energy in the product, no one is going to buy it. Yes, people might buy it for awhile, because of a snazzy label or marketing campaign, but because a bottle without energy is not going to offer any energetic support, people won’t be fooled for long. No one can fake together a Flower Essence of any value without an Elemental. No one can make a Flower Essence without the help of the Elementals and the Elementals aren’t going to participate in a sham or someone’s greedy game plan.

As I went back to explain again to the company representative that the buck stopped with the Elementals, the Elementals suggested I explain things in terms of FLOW. Lack of integrity impedes flow. Integrity is about wholeness. It is about acknowledging all the parts that create a whole. When participants, including the Elementals, are not acknowledged, energy does not flow from all parts through all parts in the same way as when there is acknowledgment of all parts.

This, of course, has implications in terms of practically everything created on Earth, but for the moment, the Elementals were keeping me thinking about this one small situation.

The example they gave me to share with the company representative was a situation in which someone stole a cache of Pennyroyal Flower Essence from me at a talk I was giving. The Elementals noted the irony of this situation in which someone stole Essences and then expected these Essences to help them to remove negativity from their life. For the first time, they told me that they had pulled the life force from the stolen Essences, but they also said that this was hardly necessary as the act of stealing the Essence compromised the energetic flow almost completely.

We all know this yet, humanity, when it does not honor and thank the Elementals, does not live this flow model on a planetary scale. And this company did not think it needed to live this flow model in its own business practices. For now, under the dying rules of Elemental and human engagement, this may seem to be working for this company in terms of their bottom line, but it never has worked and never will work from an energetic model.

The Elementals mentioned another event that they said was an example of what could happen when all participants were acknowledged.

Recently, the Elementals asked me to recommend that someone using our Flower Essence mention the Elementals participation more clearly on their web site. They asked me to tell the owner of the web based business that she could bring many more things into her life if she acknowledged the Elementals more fully. They explained that such an acknowledgment would vastly increase the flow of good things into her life. This woman was happy to acknowledge the Elementals on her web site in greater detail, because she felt a great kinship with them. Her written thanks to the Elementals was heartfelt and full of gratitude for all the ways Elementals supported her work. Her words went much further than the Elementals request. Hers was a very moving tribute to the Elementals in her life.

A very short time later, like less than a week, she got back to me to tell me that she had been offered a TV show and that wildly improbable and wonderful gifts were flooding her life. This is such a classic example of the generosity of the Elementals, if we but show a modicum of gratitude for their service to us.

In both the small and grand scheme of things, it is about moving from an attitude of entitlement to one of gratitude and partnership.

May we all acknowledge we know the difference and get a move on to be our best selves in relationship to this gorgeous Earth and in relationship to the profoundly generous spiritual partners that we share this whirling green planet with.

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