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Tomorrow, January 31st, is the anniversary of the day beloved Meher Baba died. He kept silent, literally not making a sound, from July 11th, 1925 until his death on this day in 1969. I don’t really begin to understand his silence. Sometimes I wonder if, as the Avatar, he was so weary of us not listening that he tried silence to see if we would listen if there were fewer words.

Each year on July 10th, the day Baba stopped talking, people interested in Meher Baba sometimes try being silent. One year, Jayn Bier, one of the precious Green Hope Farm crew, decided to be silent on Silence Day. She was bottling Flower Essences not answering the phone, so it wasn’t too awkward. I imagine Silence Day on the phone would have raised some eyebrows. In fact, Jayn loved her whole quiet day and sailed through it impeccably. That is, until her drive home. There blocking the turn onto her driveway was a big painted turtle. Without missing a beat Jayn rolled down her car window, leaned out, and yelled “What do you think you are doing?” How we have laughed that Jayn accidentally broke her silence on Silence Day to yell at a turtle!

Anyway, it seems a bit of an ironic day to start up a blog, but I am going to anyway! Yup! Here I am deciding to talk more!

Why blog?

My son Ben, who is working on our web site while also working about 600 hours a week at another job, suggested a Green Hope Farm blog a few months ago. I probably made the same face as when I first heard about e-mail. A bad one. But now I LOVE e-mail. I am a serious e-mail convert. I LOVE all the friends I have made by e-mail. It amazes me that I can have far flung friendships despite the fact I am at the farm most of the time.

So despite my “I am too good for the 21 century and its technology” reaction, Ben sewed a seed of curiosity. When an hilarious knitting book (yes, this IS possible) ended with a mention of the author’s blog, it felt like the moment to study a real live blog.

Five minutes later, I had a serious blog addiction. Thanks to this Yarn harlot blog, I now have joined Yarn harlot Stephanie Pearl-McPhee in her Knitting Olympics. As the Olympic flame is lit next month, I will start a complicated, ambitious, maybe even insane knitting project, visiting stress upon my body (something akin to the stress experienced by a Nordic combined athlete) with a similar stress felt by my family who must, of course, cheer me on in my deranged plan to knit an afghan for eleven year old William during the Olympic Games. According to Stephanie, I MUST finish this project before the Olympic flame is extinguished 10, 12, whatever, days later. Then I think they carry me to bed.

nota bene I won’t be answering e-mail, blogging or even in the office for these days in February. I will be ruining my family’s Olympic viewing pleasure.

Anyway, reading Stephanie’s blog about her life as a knitter made me feel that some Green Hope Farm friends might like to read about all the different things happening here besides the weird weather. Important stuff like what we had for lunch.

Actually, I really don’t know what is going to happen on this blog. I hope that things I learn from the Angels and Nature Spirits will get transcribed here. I hope to post pictures of the gardens as they grow, not just months later when they have become fond memories and compost. There are so many amazing things that happen here most weeks. I look forward to sharing some of the wonders and synchronicities with you as they unfold. You will probably get a lot of chances to swiftly scroll right through some passionate rants too. Think of the poor folks in the office who cannot scroll down while I am talking, but have to look interested instead!

Lucky you! You only have to read this if you feel like it.

Much Love to you all from your Blogging friend Molly

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