Multiplicity in Unity

Today one of you reached out to us to ask if we thought it was a concern if Green Hope Farm’s spiritual frame of references differed from your world view. Would our Flower Essences be helpful if our belief systems were different.

An excellent question which got all of us in the office talking, because even in the relatively small Green Hope Farm office, we all see the world very differently and have fundamentally different spiritual beliefs.

Most of the writing is done by me which might suggest one world view, but actually we all believe different things and often find ourselves discussing our differences. That’s the fun of office conversations! Rubbing up again our differences of opinion about so many things makes me reconsider my ideas about so much. I like that.

Had I wanted to gather like minds to the office (which I did not) I don’t think it would have been possible. How could we possibly share an identical spiritual frame of reference? We are part of a multiplicity, each a distinct spark of creation, so of course we all see things differently. Looking for same-same is impossible and not something I want.

Knowing that everyone in the office has a very different spiritual frame of reference, I asked them what they thought of the question. One staffer suggested the woman ask that her Flower Essences be cleared of any energy she is not aligned with. This felt like an excellent approach.

Another staffer commented that this was a great approach for practically everything as every exchange of goods and services involves something created by someone who might not have been in a good mood when making the product. Asking for any energy that is not in alignment with you to be cleared from anything you purchase seems like a good idea.

Another staffer keyed in on the person’s concern that something about the Flower Essences was alien because my language about Flower Essences was outside her belief system. This staffer suggested that the person consider the possibility that everything is part of Divinity no matter how we parse it with language. Could she just think of the Essences as a creation from this unity? I liked this way of holding the question.

Here are some of my thoughts. Green Hope Farm Flower Essences stand energetically separate from my beliefs. It is not necessary to agree with ANYTHING I believe for the Flower Essences to serve you. I would hate to have this otherwise. The Flower Essences have their own integrity and energy separate from my point of view or ideas about anything. And that is a very good thing!

What a disservice to the Flowers this would be if people had to in any way share my world view to work with them. I am so sorry my language choices can alienate people. Flower Essence exist beyond my limited language choices and always will.

So why do I write so much about my partnership with the Angels and Elementals when I know this might alienate people? One reason is that these beloveds are the meat and potatoes of my life. I am not sure what I would write about if I left them out! Additionally, writing about them is one way to thank them for their boundless generosity and loving companionship. Another reason is that I want to make it more acceptable for people to acknowledge numinous experiences.

Back in the 1980’s when Green Hope Farm was born, the culture of northern New England was very affirming of Angels. This encouraged me to look at my life differently and both remember childhood experiences as well as open to more experiences with Angels and Elementals. No one had been very interested in a spiritual perspective on life in my childhood, so I learned to shove my experiences away from me as unacceptable and irrelevant. Angel talk helped me remember parts of myself I had shoved aside. It was a reintegration of lost parts of myself to own my numinous experiences.

As I consider this question, I have one other thought. I encourage people to decide if some Flower Essence or some experience or some relationship is right via a nonverbal, nonanalytic process of letting ourselves know what we know. WE REALLY DO KNOW WHAT WE KNOW! One of my main goals in all I write is to empower people to trust their own experience of things and just feel what they feel. Please don’t let my frame of reference or choice of language every deter you. I know you know what is best for you.