Healing Mother Wounds through Nature and Flower Essences

As we deepen our relationship with Nature and our Mother Earth wherever we have been placed on her, we heal our mother wounds.

Why? Because Mother Earth shelters us, gives unceasingly to us the gifts of food, comfort, beauty and so much more. Mother Earth is a loving mother.

If we find ourselves aware of mother wounds within us, recognizing the gifts from Mother Earth can help us know that there is a mother that loves us. But the healing possibilities go further than that.

My own relationship with my human mother was difficult. It was not a comforting or loving connection. I felt different that others who spoke of their mothers with unabashed affection and a feeling of safety. My mother was not a safe person for me.

As a young child, I pursued friends who had mothers that I experienced as loving. In my teenage years I chose my first boyfriend because I adored his mother. I was always thinking much more about the mothers in people’s families than other people seemed to. When a mother is loving, perhaps it is easy to take the relationship for granted. Isn’t this what we have done with Mother Earth until now?

Finding families with loving mothers and books in which either there was a loving mother or a loving mother substitute gave me hope that this could come to pass in my own life. It restored my faith in the mother archetype. Loving mothers I found in books and real life proved mothers could be loving.

My gravitation to Nature as mother was instinctual and not something I learned in a book. It has been the most profound and healing relationship with mother in my life. Nature was my comfort and solace from the beginning, and she has never let me down. Books like The Secret Garden affirmed my approach to finding the love I needed in Nature, but I would have found myself there in Nature anyways.

Did you read The Secret Garden when you were a child? How I loved that book! In The Secret Garden, a motherless child named Mary is sent from India where her father has died to live with her uncle in Yorkshire, England. She is a sickly, unhappy child and no one in the household knows quite what to do with her, so the housemaid Martha sends outside to explore her new world. While going outside horrifies Mary, her explorations in Nature begin her healing journey. She finds her place in the world and her sense of belonging when she discovers and helps restore a secret garden. She finds this garden when a starling leads her to the long forgotten door into the garden.

Having found this connection to Nature as a way to heal my mother wounds and bolstered by books and experiences in other families, it was inevitable that I would make Nature the center of my life’s work. Specifically the gardens around me both wild and cultivated and books like The Secret Garden brought to light my deep affection for Flowers. And the rest is a Flower Essence herstory…..

Given my experience with my mother, is it any wonder that I sought out Flowers for Flower Essences with a distinctly motherly energy of sheltering, consoling, unconditionally loving, healing, abundantly sharing and seeing the very best in us?

Here are some of those Flower Essences that will mother us when we need this compensatory and deeply healing energy in our lives.

Dombeya Wallichii, Cacao, Redwood– A trio of sheltering mothers so profound to even put their names together is like a song of mother love. Choose one or choose all three, they are wonderful mothers.

Old Blush China Rose– This ancient rose is the mother of all modern roses and that is saying something. She offers her strength, protection, wisdom, perspective and love.

Heritage Rose– This Rose helps us break free from the limitations of our earth family definitions to know ourselves to be eternal, unlimited souls of a much bigger tribe. A release from the mother wound of being viewed as not enough.

THE ENTIRE CRETE COLLECTION– Here is what is written under the topic Matriarchy in our Flower Essence suggestions for Common Concerns list: “Matriachal cultures know we are all born one with Divinity and remain ever so. This means our value is an absolute imperishable truth of our existence. Patriarchy is an alternative values systel based on the idea that we must earn our worth through proving ourselves through accomplishment, acquisition and perfectionism. The Flower Essences from Crete help us break free from patriarchy and refind the experience of Divine Self Worth. Please check out this whole group of Flower Essences listed in the Mediterranean Collection

Wound Healing– Sadly, the high degree to which we carry mother wounds is reflected in how we as a culture treat Mother Earth, but as we heal our individual wounds, we will heal our dear Earth too.

Pink Flowering Almond– Many years ago I made friends with a Flower Essence practitioner in Spain. She sent me my first bottle of this Essence, and it rocked my world with its immense healing vibration. I felt it was transmuting painful memories of my earth mother and flooding me with an experience of our Divine Mother that loves us always. I found a Pink Flowering Almond Tree that was hardy to northern New England and planted one so I could offer this Flower Essence to others. I consider it a most sacred tree, Flower and Flower Essence and am so grateful to have this Flower Essence to share.

The Sacred Feminine– As mentioned, patriarchy, still so dominant in our world, tries to enforce a values system based on ideas of productivity, goal orientation, intellectual and spiritual perfection at the expense of being human. This powerful Essence floods us with vibrations releasing, unwinding, transmuting this old garbage and restoring a deeper more expansive truth.

Motherwort– This Wildflower helps us experience a true accounting of the value of mothering and womanhood in all its diversity without sentimentality or discount so that we see all the ways we mother in the world as significant and eternally imperishable.

Queen of the Night– Not all gifts from Mother Earth are Betty Crocker matter of the fact gifts. In fact many of them are inexplicable. This is a Flower that welcomes us into deeper relationship with the great mystery.

This is not a complete list of Flower Essences for healing the mother wound. Every Flower brings a gift of mothering and healing the mother wounds as all come from our dear Mother Earth. However this is the bouquet of Flower love that called out today to invite you into relationship with it. May these Flower Essences help to heal your mother wounds.