Price Increase in February

Dear Friends,

Since our beginnings over thirty years ago, we’ve tried very hard to make our Flower Essences as affordable as possible. We want all of you and the animals in your lives to have access to these marvelous tools

Despite our best efforts, we’ve had to raise our prices several times. Right now is another moment when we must raise our prices to cover our increased costs for seeds, bottles, bottle tops, boxes, labels, office supplies, postage, a living wage for our staff goddesses and just about everything else but the very Flowers themselves.

Sometime in the middle of February we will make this increase. Since there are so many products, it will be a bit complicated to change our online system and in house invoicing system for those who order by phone, mail or email. I will give you a heads up when we begin the change. I expect it will take a couple days. My webmaster son Ben says a couple hours, so I am hoping he is right!

One thing I can count on, since we’re human, we will probably have some snafus! Thank you so much for your understanding the necessity of us making this shift and your patience as we make this shift.

Single 1/2 ounce Flower Essences will be $9.50 with a 2 ounce bottle costing $32. Combination Flower Essences will be $11.35. 2 ounce combination Flower Essences will be $36.00. Sets will continue to be 20% less than the retail price.

One other piece of news is that we will incorporate credit cards into our online system when we make these changes. We hope this will be a real help for those who prefer not to use Pay Pal. We will continue to offer Pay Pal at check out but we will remove the Pay Pal fee.

Thank you so much for your understanding and kindness.

With much love, Molly