Each morning we meet for meditation and a chat before we begin our day together, but last week we had a longer GHF staff goddess meeting. Calling in all our Angelic and Elemental helpers, we gathered to brainstorm about how, in this time of so many transitions, we can best serve you the Green Hope Farm community.

Before we began we wondered aloud. What matters as we pick our way forward through the rubble of structures that have fallen apart or are currently collapsing? To best support us all, what do we focus on? What additional Essences and Flower Essences mixes do you want? What the heck is going on?

What we usually do and what we did in this instance was extend our meditation and stay present to what rose up in us. When everyone felt ready we opened our eyes and began to share. There is always a bit of silence before ideas and thoughts spill out, but then they do, often very fast. Vicki was scribe as she (our official lady of label writing) has the best handwriting.

While we didn’t get definitive answers, especially to that last query about what the heck is going on, we did all find ourselves in agreement about what felt particularly important. Today I’ll share one topic.

Community with you felt important. You sharing your world and ideas and our sharing ours. We sometimes talk about your animals as if we know them. We carry your stories in our hearts. I can’t imagine my life without GHF friends. This community matters so much to all of us.

We realized we needed to share more of our lives here because if we get so much from what you share, perhaps you feel the same about what we share.

I love writing this blog and of course will continue on with it. As of a few days ago I’m back on Instagram too. The Instagram account for the farm is greenhopefarm . A couple years ago I got so discouraged about Instagram. I just didn’t get why people did or didn’t like a post. I still don’t. I finally gave Instagram a rest, because I was puzzling over the mystery of likes way too much. This time I vow not to even check for likes.

For now what I am going to post is video clips from the garden. That’s one of the things about Green Hope Farm. It is a real place. Every day something happens here that astounds me with its beauty.

Last growing season I took short video clips in the gardens almost every day. I put them together into a movie, hoping to share this movie with you. Then I couldn’t figure out how to download the film to any other platform. I couldn’t even get it off my phone. So I watched it a few times myself and then let that go too. But at the meeting, the group suggested I start in again taking these little clips and post them on Instagram. The rest of the crew have some ideas for content they want to add, so maybe soon there will be more than just these short videos. In the meantime, check out our Instagram page for moments of real life at a real farm.