The Game

Light energy moves at an increasing quicksilver pace, yet the man made world sometimes appears to have an immoveable heaviness.  The new Light pouring in brings bliss and gratitude, but this bliss is sometimes shaken by what fills the frame.  Man made frames seem intent on slowing us down, filling us with fear and keeping us in the illusion that things can’t get better and we need to go backwards to handle the situations we face. 

Nature has a completely different message.  On the micro level it gently and persistently calls us to the truth and power of this incoming Light. It helps us experience this Light as transformative and creative, loving and omnipresent. It encourages us to let go and evolve.  On the macro level Nature speaks of the imbalances we must address, but this is always balanced with support to make the shift from the micro level of Nature.

Meanwhile “the forces that were” bring us a last bitter moment of chaos before the Aquarian age opens up for us all. And it will open up because Nature is with us, Divinity is with us and yes, we are with us. As Coach Taylor in the ‘90s show Friday Night Lights said, “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.”

One example for me of “Us being with Us” is our local employment situation.  For many months, every box store and restaurant chain in the commercial strip closest to the farm has had enormous help wanted signs out front. Some big chains have cut back hours and even closed for stretches due to employee shortages. Post lockdown, local people didn’t go back to jobs that didn’t pay a living wage. Lockdown illuminated their own personal value, and people made different choices about returning to work. 

Recently I’ve noticed the help wanted signs mention significantly higher hourly wages. Sometimes it’s hard to see the power we all actually have in the face of corporate structures, but here we see it clearly.  If these enormous companies want to function in our region, they are going to have to pony up more money to pay employees. After all, these companies ride off the life force of their employees.  Isn’t it about time this becomes an equal exchange?

I love seeing people respect the value of their life force.  It’s the true power of the world.  I am heartened by individuals walking from jobs where their contribution of life force is not honored.

In a game manipulated by powerbrokers, a group of individuals have bested the powerbrokers. A supermarket clerk told me that the pressure in the system meant she had received a $4 an hour raise from $11 to $15.  As the bagger, also getting the raise noted, this is $8,000 more a year.    

Speaking of “the powers that were”, someone sent me an interesting You Tube video in which a person in the US military was talking about a long running project called Stargazer.  This project involved hiring many psychics to predict outcomes for various geopolitical situations.  If a high percentage of psychics predicted one outcome, the military would take that into advisement in figuring out their policies going forward. 

This person explained that when the psychics got to 2012 and beyond, they could pick up no data on any situation.  At first there was concern that this meant there was some catastrophic life ending planetary event in 2012, but later the people in the program came to feel that there was some sort of awakening event after 2012 that made everything so completely different IN A GOOD WAY as to make it impossible for anyone to imagine or predict anything from the then current framework.

There is more to what this person said that I will share in a moment, but I find it really interesting that 2012 was when the Angels began to use the phrase “The Great Leap” when describing the evolutionary leap in consciousness humankind was making.

Addressing the issue of how could it be 2021 with still no absolute sign of this awakening event, the person in the video gave this wonderful analogy.  If we were to watch two grandmasters play chess, we might get a general sense of how the game was going, but for most of us, we would not know who was winning until the very end.  However the grandmasters themselves would know maybe 30 or 40 moves out who was going to win.  The rest of the game would go on in a framework of both players knowing who was going to win. We might be in the dark about the outcome, but they wouldn’t be.

This echoes what the Angels say all the time. The game is over.  The Light won. The Earth and all of us on it will get our awakening. We help this process by welcoming the Light pouring in. And “the forces that were”?  We just have to deal a little longer with them as they muck about a bit longer.  But they will go.  It’s a done deal, and we’ll discover a whole new way of being in their wake.