Tune Up ’21- a New Mix for You!

Hello dear friends!

I love May! Beautiful zesty, lush, green, beflowered, expansive May!

Today is May 5th   It’s rainy and gray with the gardens drinking in every last raindrop with palpable delight. Even as Flowers keep their heads down in the downpour, the gardens look poised to soar into wonder and magic the moment the sun returns. Everything sings, “Yahooooo!”

Amidst this magic clamor of new life, the Angels and Elementals nudged me to make a new mix! Last night it was ready. Today it’s on the shelves available to go off to you……and what a dynamo!

Noting that this has been a confusing and disorganizing time for one and all, the Angels and Elementals created this mix to help us re-align all our systems. In addition to support for re-alignment, they said this mix was to help reorganize any system currently in knots or going in disharmonious directions. Additionally it is to help re-invigorate and restore optimum vibrational harmony by both moving out of our electrical fields whatever needs to go and grounding higher healing vibrations.  

The Angels and Elementals explained that no matter the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual challenges we face right now, this mix will help us find our most harmonious, empowered, clear, aligned and balanced self. 

To sum up, the Angels and Elementals are undaunted by this time’s challenges and with complete confidence offer a remedy that will bring light into even the most complex situation.

These are big confident statements, but as you will see from the ingredient list below, the confidence is more than backed up by the Flower Essences composing this mix.   The energy of the mix is a very big  WOW! This one is like Flower Essence Drano capable of handling ANY clog in the system! And it’s not destructive but constructive a.k.a. less is more. We empty out to see the Light we always were. I felt more whole just mixing it up!

The Angels gave the mix the name Tune Up ’21.

They encouraged me to clarify that this mix is for EVERYONE, regardless of what has happened to you in the last few years.  If there are some members of your household that have suffered more than others, it will help them if everyone uses the mix as it’s easier to rise up together than separately.

Spritzing the mix is a brilliant way to share the wealth. My household sees me coming at them night and day with the various spritz bottles! 

The first person I handed a bottle of tune Up ‘21 to felt full body shivers for several minutes. Then….. what a smile! May you too feel the love!

Here are the ingredients given in the order received with insight provided by Angels and Elementals.

Sunflower– YOU ARE SUPER HEROES! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. Let us show you the pattern of your perfection.

Pine– Cooling respite beyond battle. We hold you.

Birch– We peel back and remove what needs to be removed. We do so with calm so you can remain in calm. We get to the bottom of things with you. (Additional Flower Essence list page 46)

Meadowsweet– YOU ARE LOVED. We bath you in sweet love. We soothe overfiring circuitry. We help you rest in love.

St John’s Wort– We are the very best fire fighters.  We help you keep the sunshine and shed the burn.

Cardinal Flower– We help you in the seriousness of your healing intention. We uplift you in your dedication and focus. We help you release energies that mislead. No more hair shirts.

Yellow Mullein– YES YOU CAN DO IT. Stand in this knowing without fear. You can and will do it.

Oregano– If it doesn’t belong within you, it’s got to go. Only true self and source. We help you clean house. (Additional Flower Essence list page 23)

Raspberry– Total harmony. Aligned with Divine energy, only light exists. (Additional Flower Essence list page 25)

Tansy– We blast away any misplaced energy no matter how long it’s been clinging to you. We support your freedom and sanctity. (Additional Flower Essence list page 28)

Lion’s Ear– Wise elders gather with this Essence to give you bespoke healing support. A gift beyond measure.

Yerba Mate– We re- map cell patterns after illness or challenge. We bring immense protective energy.

Corn– The deep perfection of energy organized by Light.  This downloading is the wisdom of the ancients. It takes you forward in community of unity consciousness.

Osteospermum– If betrayal has been a part of your journey, we help you experience your wholeness on the other side.

Willow– The immense gift of flexibility makes all things possible. (Additional Flower Essence list page 30)

Purple Queen Snap Bean– Harmonious shifts. Dissolving the impediments of self judgement. (Additional Flower Essence list page 30)

All our Marigolds including French Marigold– As masters of love, gratitude and harmonious mutation, we take you across the threshold to spiritual freedom and liberation.

Fragrant Ladies Tresses– We help you let go and let grace prevail.

Angelica– Indivisibility with the Divine. Spiritual freedom. Wound healing. Never underestimate how many Angels love you.

Borage– Happiness is yours for the taking.

Mehera– Because the destination is the source.

Jade– It’s a wild woolly ride but green energy is with you and that makes all the difference.

Last thoughts from the Angels and Elementals? “Let us help you! And remember, our shared Divinity has this! It’s going to be okay.”