more from the gardens

roses and more roses. can there ever be too many roses? never!

staff goddess of weeding at work. also known as princess of mulch.

the lambs ear (Essence offers help for the sensitive to feel what they while also staying strong) with its soft gray stalks sets off the yellow of the rue (this “herb of grace” offers support for our spiritual journey into unknown territory).

the red of alex mackenzie rose ( the courage to do what we need to do and stay with the divine plan) is paired with the incomparable angelica (support to knit things together, ever reminds us of our oneness).


i went to take this picture of the lovely konigin von danemark rose (support to release us from patterns of judgment and shame spirals) because i love how the white crambe cordifolia (support to free our minds from all constraint and limitation) and the maroon smokebush set it off like a florist’s bouquet.

but the gift of this photograph is the nature spirit seen up against the smokebush.

how fortunate is humanity to have their ever present love and support!

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