in the gardens

the last of the bearded iris have their golden moment

john cabot and henry kelsey, two of the roses in our sacred masculine mix put on a show

this is a new rose for us and now a new flower essence. it is named Alchymist and we have fallen in love with it. its sweet, still beauty reflects its vibrational gifts. with its skills at alchemy, this rose moves us through the illusory notions of feminine energy gripping the planet, to take us to the still pure reality of the sacred feminine, the centered, infinitely wise energy that we need to navigate the chaotic external world.


here is another view of this incredible rose, covered with early morning dew


here’s another new rose and new flower essence, belle de crecy.
our much loved mary rose has its moment in amongst the honeybee covered catmint. what a lovely energetic combination these two make with the mary rose’s support to cleanse our hearts and catmint’s support to find new physical vitality

here john davis rose greets the staff goddesses as they arrive in the morning

and here the exquisite reine des violettes, a new flower essence from last season. i love how its two toned blossoms reflect it energetic gifts of helping us find the balance of action and restraint.


emily is chief weeder as well as chief bottler- i offer one armed morale support from a garden bench

here emily gets further moral support from may may, riley, and mishka before tackling the bind weed in the foreground

later in the day progress has been made. almost ready for an inspection from vintner ben

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