Addendum to Yesterdays’ Toilet Tales: Going with the Flow

It hasn’t escaped me that with yesterday’s rant the issue was “going with the flow” on every level. As I sit here watching the Venus Garden get ripped up, I’m trying to follow my own advice about resistance. We tried everything we could to find an alternate plan to these massive excavations and nothing else was acceptable to our town zoning board. It was either renovation/excavations or no renovation/no excavations, and we decided a home for Lizzie and her kids was worth the mess.

Now I just need to “go with the flow” as the mess occurs.

Yesterday after I posted my blog, I sat down in the hayfield with Henry, age 2 1/2 watching the digging and bulldozing. Needless to say, Henry was in hog heaven, As we savored each zoom of the bulldozer and scrape of the excavator’s shovel, I noticed an immense Angel overlighting the entire construction scene: The Angel was at least 100 feet tall and dressed all in pink.

Seeing this was very reassuring. As the mess has gotten worse each day, it has gotten harder to remember this is okay. The sight of this Angel also reminded me that these challenges we all face in 2020 (including our personal toiletgate) are TRYING to take us somewhere that we need to go and in the most direct way possible- and the best thing we can do to support these changes is GO WITH THE FLOW.

Apparently we all need our foundations ripped apart and our old sewage/tank taken away and a new flow system created- just here at the farm it is more literal than most places.

So taking a page from Henry’s book, I’ll try harder to relax and savor the noise of the jack hammers. After all, its like the whole house is a magic fingers bed today and that is pretty special, isn’t it?

I’ll kick back, enjoy the buzzing in every cell of my being and have faith it will all be put back together again in a better way. Yup, Divinity has this completely under control and all I need to do is go with the flow. I can even use the water again to actually flush!

Just to keep it real, let me share the view out the window where I am sitting:

Also in an effort to keep it real, this artsy photo taken from upstairs is what a modern jackhammer looks like- in case you, like me, had something a little smaller in mind.

Love from the work site!