Beeing our Goddess Self

As we rise up into our Divine selves, we become the healing we need.

How do we embrace this process? I have been thinking so much about this question. Half jokingly but half seriously I have always referred to the lovely women who work here as Staff Goddesses, but it is time for all of us to completely own this Divine identity AND live it fully.

What does it mean to be our Goddess self? What interferes with us doing this?

Well….. sometimes family and others deriding our belief that Divinity lies within us has slowed us down…….especially in the lives where we’ve been burned at the stake for owning our Divine inner love, power and wisdom. Many of us have have continued to suffer from this in our current lives too.

However, it is time to let our old fear tapes go and to ignore those who would say it is wrong to own our Divine identity. It is also time to stop trying to drag people along with us. The only self that needs to accept that we are one with Divinity is our own self. How many lives have we spent trying to pull people along spiritually when they did not want to go? How often have we given ourselves 100% to people who want our light energy but also reject and abuse us for holding this light? Game over. It is time to let everyone be where they are and just go on ahead.

And now for one of my side tangents that is hopefully relevant…. Last night I was out in the gardens at dusk, just minding my own business (or as I thought of it in retrospect, minding my own beeswax) when a Honeybee flew into my hair. Honeybees have a thing about hair. This one was making a lot of noise, and I reacted in a decidedly human way by slapping the top of my head.

Well… despite my efforts to squash the Bee, it stung me right there on my crown. Ouch! I always try to welcome the stings as healing when they happen, but they are always shockingly intense.

Then this morning as I was tying up pole beans and minding my own beeswax again, another Bee flew into my hair. This time I wondered, what would a Bee Goddess do? I decided to sit down and welcome the Bee energy and just try to Be the Bee. For a good 20 minutes the Bee buzzed in and around my hair. Clearly I was not embodying the zen of Bees deeply enough for her alarm bells to go off, so I kept going deeper into loving the Bee, being the Bee and Beeing one with the hive. And the Bee departed.

This brings me to notion #1 about Beeing the Goddess. When we fail, let’s gently pick ourselves up from any learning lesson and prepare to embrace the next opportunity to try a different tack with humor and kindness to ourselves. Life will give us another opportunity to do it differently! Sometimes almost immediately!

I recently heard someone describe Princess Diana as the embodiment of a Divine and sovereign being not because of her position in the British royal family but because of how she carried herself in the world and how she never faltered in going forward with her Divine mission. Obviously as we embrace our Divine selves, we will have messy human moments as Diana did. That is part of being here on Earth, but like Diana, we can gently pick ourselves up from our human messes and kept going on our Divine path.

Back to my second Bee encounter, I was not confident for much of this buzz session but I kept going. Sometimes the best we can do is, “Fake it until we make it.” I’ll call this “Fake it.” notion, Notion #2. Faking it is a helpful bridge for recovering perfectionists like myself who expect ourselves to get an idea and execute it flawlessly the first time. Somehow the pressure eases when all we have to do is fake the serenity or fake the confidence or fake the kindness. I love the Honeybees but not so much an individual Bee nose diving into my hair, As I faked the love for this buzzing Beeing, a genuine energy of serenity, confidence and love came in to meet me.

Building from this is Notion #3 that while there are those that don’t want us to go on ahead, there are many more coming out to meet us and help us become our true Divine self. And they bring a Divine toolbox so filled with love! We need only make an effort and our effort is amplified and supported beyond our wildest imaginings by a cast of thousands.

I kid you not, a third Bee has joined me as I type this IN MY KITCHEN! They really want me to get a lot of practice today!

I am going to pause and practice my loving a harassing Bee skills…… Sometime very soon I look forward to sharing more thoughts and ideas about how we can embody our Divine selves!

A few minutes later….. Bee #3 departed without a visit to my hair. I now sit here with a cup of tea with honey, feeling most grateful for all three encounters and all I learned!