Of Slugs and Divine Timing

The incoming Divine energies require us to come into a completely different relationship with time. What is this new relationship? I do not know, but certainly it requires us to dump our current stuck constructs of time. Dumping old constructs is the nature of the game right now.

As these massive energetic shifts sweep over us, each of us have our daily lives to show us where we need to let go and where there is a breath of the new.  Here in my life at the farm, I see the shifts reflected in the gardens. I wonder if my struggles with slugs represents those energies which would hold me and the farm back from new beginnings. The owls calling at night remind me there are beneficent beings watching out for us that can literally see in the dark. The burgeoning honeybee population (our third swarm this last weekend brought our hive total to seven) suggests that when protected from pesticides and in a place where the higher energies are being grounded, the honeybees, with their unity consciousness, relish the new energies pouring into the earth.  The particulars of the garden reflect where my work to ground the higher vibrations is working and where I need to concentrate my efforts to resolve energetic leaks.

As I look at something like the Golden Glow, shown above, which has been decimated by an infestation of caterpillars, I try to remember difficult stories don’t define me, they just show me my work.  This work is so often about detachment.  

Last night as I plucked hundreds of slugs off plants in the vegetable garden, I saw an opportunity to practice detachment.  The immense population of slugs indicate that out of balance forces press in inappropriately- and I take that into advisement as I note that not only is what people think of me none of my business but what they do to me has nothing to do with me either. I work to hold the light as best I can and let go of results. I don’t have to lose my cool when someone treats me badly nor do I have to take the slugs behavior personally. I just need to free myself and the gardens from as many slugs as possible as do we all.

But why the specific mention of dumping old constructs of time?  For reasons unknown to me, the Angels made clear from the Winter Solstice that the theme for this year’s Venus Garden was TIME. 

Each year the design for the Venus Garden changes.  Each year the new design creates a unique garden mandala with its own distinct electrical vibration. Each year we make a one of a kind Flower Essence combination from the garden.  Each year’s garden and its Essence is the Angels and Elementals effort to help us along spiritually in a timely way.

Some years I receive the design at the Winter Solstice with no information about its significance or spiritual purpose.  Sometimes I get one design then another design replaces it before I can make the plan into an actual garden. This happened last year. Sometimes I get told what the garden is going to help us with and sometimes I don’t. No matter what, as we live out the growing season, the garden reveals itself through the lessons we take on as a community here at the farm. Then, at the Fall Equinox when the garden becomes a Flower Essence combination remedy, there is a reveal when I am given the name and a description of the vibrational gifts of the new Venus Garden Flower Essence. I’m expecting a fun name for this year’s remedy as there are so many quips and puns about time.

This year’s Venus Garden is unlike any other we have co-created. The garden itself has been planted above ground in an assortment of flower pots. So far, the Angels and Elementals have had me move and rotate the pots on a near daily basis. The only element that I vaguely get the gist of is the central pot- an enormous pot at that- of THYME.

Even as I am clueless about the significance of this garden or how it is serving us, it feels well, timely. I know very little about the precise nature of how time has been manipulated to confine humanity but the one example that comes to mind irks me. A natural calendar of time would have us keep track of days in relationship to the moon cycle with a yearly cycle of 13 months, yet instead we have this clunky and imprecise 12 month system created by Julius Caesar in 42 BC.


Needless to say, this is just one of a great many ways we have been tied to time cycles that have no flow and no connection to natural rhythms of creation (natural rhythms which are, right now, taking us forward very fast no matter who tries to mess with time).

I also have been thinking a lot about Divine timing, mostly in situations in which I find myself confused or impatient with timing and wonder if events are tied to unnatural delays or if the delays are in alignment with Divine timing.

I would like to know what exactly is unfolding, yet so much remains unclear. I would like situations of pain and injustice to be resolved ASAP. I would like to be at our next spiritual destination of a world community operating from the principles of selflessness and conscious oneness. I feel it is coming, but I want it to be here NOW! Be it unnatural timing or Divine timing, we remain in a murky place of unexpected challenges and unknown outcomes.

Clarity. What an understatement to say that this is not yet what we are experiencing. I don’t want to be in charge, so why do I think I know better or even dimly know what is actually going on.  I do not. Underneath my confusion, my most grounded experience is of this incoming Divine Light I keep writing about and this conviction that Divinity is taking us to a New Earth. So why do I fuss about what happens between now and then? I just wish we could all wake up and be our best selves. My spiritual guides tell me all is in Divine order, all is flowing towards a healed planet, and my job is to not so much despair at what appears to be, but do the inner work to prepare myself and have faith. In this as in so much else, the Flower Essences help me.

Just as I was typing this, my husband, Jim, came in to tell me of yet another subcontractor who had slotted into place to help with his summer (and fall and winter and spring and summer…) project to rebuild our barn to make it into a home for one of our daughters and her two small children. No sooner had he turned off the computer after his last Zoom virtual classroom gathering than he took up his nail belt to begin the partial destruction and reconstruction of this barn.

This barn was built for the one and only summer we were open to the public in 1993. The fall before, imagining our needs for a summer open to the public, I asked Jim to build me something for housing our vegetables, Flowers and Flower Essences on offer. He asked me what size and I piped up, “16’ X 24’ with a second story.  He noted, “That is a BARN not a shed.” 

Nonetheless, he put on his nail belt and started to build. I remember with chagrin and terror the chilly November day when a wind from the arctic was blowing hard and Jim and his brother Stephen were trying to put the ridge pole in place in gale force winds.

Ah good times!  Especially if one was observing from the ground!

This barn has been used continuously by us since its eventful stint as headquarters for the unexpected arrival of thousands of visitors in 1993. Since then, it has offered storage for our cobalt blue bottles, our Flower Essence boxes, our various publications, bottle droppers, and mailing supplies- all the inventory necessary to getting our Flower Essences off to you.

We made the upstairs into a big open and insulated space where each of our adult children lived right after college. There was no plumbing which of course made it easier for the men than the women, but this room has always been “the room of requirement” for post college life. It has the best view at the farm and is a lovely sunny space. Now it will be the upstairs for a tiny home complete with bathroom. The downstairs will sport a kitchen.

In any construction job a lot of the efficiency comes from having good subcontractors willing to step into the fray when needed and to come back again quickly when needed and so do a dance of coming and going in a timely fashion.  Since Jim has been doing construction jobs for forty years, he has friendships with excellent subcontractors who know him well and who have happily agreed to the dance ahead.

Another thing about any building project is that it ALWAYS takes longer than I think it will. But even for realistic Jim there have already been snafus that set him back. There was more rot than he expected due to rain damage and he had to reframe one corner of the building and also replace sills along one wall.

It was a bit of Divine Timing that Jim came in when I was typing away. Both the instance of the subcontractors falling seamlessly into place and also the unexpected slowdowns because of rot reminded me that I have absolutely no idea what is being taken apart right now or even what NEEDS to be taken apart by the things happening in the world. I also have absolutely no idea of how all the Divine subcontractors are dovetailing into the breakdown and rebuild of our world.  But they are, and sometime soon, I hope, we will see the new foundations of New Earth!

PS Here from the Flower Essences for Common Concerns document is a list of Flower Essences for various issues around time. I can’t wait to have this bespoke Flower Essence for helping us all flow with the element of time in our fifth dimensional New Earth.

Time management: Gallandia Rose, Spiderwort
Illusions about time and aging process: Date Palm, Mallow, Redwood
Timelessness: Rosa Mundi, La Belle Sultane Rose, Don’t Worry – Bee Happy, Redwood
Experience timeless self: Omey Island, Redwood
Improved relationship with time: Mountain Avens
Feeling you have enough time: Thyme from Omey Island, Thyme
Adjusting to vibrational changes in time and space: Gallandia Rose
Moving in time differently: Gallandia Rose, Thyme, Thyme from Omey Island
Faster healing: Thyme, Thyme from Omey
Being in Now: Thyme, Thyme from Omey, Trillium, The Sunflower Spiral, Mountain Avens, Don’t Worry – Bee Happy
Experiencing eternal now: Redwood
Finding time to rest and restore oneself after fiery times have burned out our electrical system:
Thyme from Crete

La Belle Sultane