life goes on


it’s beautiful and peaceful here. the flowers look as lovely as ever- not yet minding the weeds that flourish because i am not on weed patrol-

so many people helping- the incredible crew in the office led by the indomitable deb have kept things sailing along magnificently- now that emily is home from college she officially has become this summer’s bottler- on other days she’ll be shipping with sophie, invoicing and doing email too- on wednesday she’ll be out in the gardens.

and so it was on this wednesday that she and lizzy and their friend lily did one of the jobs that absolutely had to get done- they dug and planted the cherokee trail of tears garden in red shiso-

here was the garden awaiting their ministrations-

here emmy, lizzy and lily begin to lay out the design

here the garden is planted

and here i sit in the arbor garden- so glad to be outside for a bit- there’s the wheelbarrow i fell over, the hand in question wrapped in a splint and some silver bandaging that is falling off because i need to ask someone to wrap it on me again, and st francis, representing the mysterious beloved directing all the dramas including this one.

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