Green Hope Farm Flower Essence mix for the Corona Virus

Many of you have requested we make a mix to support everyone through this time and to address the Corona Virus, so we sat down with our Angel and Elemental partners. This was the recipe we were given for a combination remedy containing many powerhouse Flower Essences and Flower Essence combinations. It is available now on this page.

Below I have listed the ingredients and given some possible reasons why the Angels and Elementals included these Flower Essences in the mix, but as always, their choices are wiser than I can imagine and words will always fall short of explaining any Flower Essence or Flower Essence combination remedy.

We offer it with MUCH LOVE from all of us here!

Our Corona Virus Mix– contains the following Flower Essences:

Breathe– This Flower Essence combination supports the health and well being of the entire respiratory system including the lungs. To underscore this focus on the lungs, the Angels picked a photo of Lungwort, a Flower Essence in the Breathe mix to represent this Flower Essence mix.

Corona del Inca– A gift from the southern hemisphere who asked to come online this year, Corona del Inca explains, “I act to neutralize even repel… negative energy so that your electrical systems and physical bodies can remain serene and unaffected by these low vibrations much like a mosquito net protects from mosquitos.” Please check out Corona’s full description.

Don’t Worry-Bee Happy– This was one that the Angels suggested from the first whisper of Covid 19 explaining that it is vitally important for us to try our very best to keep our vibration as high as possible at all times. This Flower Essence combo from the Venus Garden is a game changer for this.

Emergency Care– Our “Go to” Flower Essence combination for any acute emergency situation or illness, Emergency Care helps us calm and stabilize our electrical system during intense stress.

Epstein Barr Release– This one has many Flower Essence intent on fighting viral infections, so it translates into an excellent ally in this situation.

Feverfew– This beloved Flower Essence, first brought to my attention by a shaman from the Andes, supports us to find calm and go inward to a place of peace amidst this chaotic situation.

Flow Free– This one helps us move out stuck and low vibration energies in our mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies which positively impacts our health and immune system. Please see the recent blog on this.

French Marigold– One of the best Flower Essences for fighting viral infections, French Marigold also offers great wisdom about adaptation and navigating radical change. Additionally it helps us go inward and hear our guidance better than ever

Golden Armor– Offering the immense protective energy of Archangel Michael and the Angels of the Blue Ray, this is a powerhouse of protection.

Immune Support– This is our beloved remedy for strengthening the immune system. It is another powerhouse.

Mutabilis Rose– For any species, including us, successfully navigating inner and outer change is an essential skill, and this Rose offers incredible wisdom about successful mutation.

Teasel– An individual Flower Essence offering unrivaled wisdom on protection. Vitex– This Flower Essence helps us get all the nutritional support from our food possible to keep us as healthy as possible.