Last Night I had the Strangest Dream

How are you all doing? All of us here at the farm are thinking of you and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for all your love and moral support as we shift gears to keep your orders going off to you with a small staff (so far, so good).

I was solo in the office yesterday, so I drafted seven year old granddaughter Grace to help me (I promise it was only when she had finished her remote learning homework). She and her family are sheltering in place here with us so Grace helped to put stamps on packages and generally keep me company. She decorated the room with ribbons and sailed around on a scooter, singing at the top of her lungs. It kept me going! I hope there are quirky, unexpected gifts keeping you going too. Bless you all!

I just had a dream that felt relevant to this time. In the dream, I walk by a basement apartment I lived in during my early twenties and I realize I need to go in and clean it out.

I go into the apartment, and it is filled floor to ceiling with very strange junk. Peculiar Shakespearean play bills, odd kitchen tools that make no sense and don’t work, garish dolls with technicolor hair, shapeless clothing and charmless pieces of furniture. I recognize none of it, and as I examine one bizarre gew gaw after another, I find nothing I want to keep. There also are other people’s tag sale items in big heaps everywhere. It is a sea of useless crap.

I leave to find garbage bags to start the immense clean up, and when I come back, there is a group of young girls who say they will help me clear out everything if they can take anything they want. This seems like an excellent deal to me. As we clean, we talk about Flower Essences and how their energy shines right through the bottles.

Several very old men come in and tell me I need to save stuff in case the owners come back. I ignore this advice. Not very far into the job, which looks to take weeks of effort, I leave the room for a moment and when I come back everything but a few pieces of big furniture have been packed up by the young girls and is gone. I see them merrily departing.

I don’t always have an immediate hit on dreams. Like another of last night’s dreams in which I am rooming with some teenage boys and have to peel potatoes for supper on a toilet lid. I am mystified and a bit horrified by this dream! But this first dream seems ripe for my understanding.

This “Time Out” we are in is quite naturally a time in which we can let go of a lot of old useless crap- old habits, old fears, old ideas, old inner junk. It is all coming to the surface, and we can release it all! And crews of merry Angels are going to help us easily do the clear out just as they did in the dream. Thank Divinity for that!

Two other things I want to say about this dream before I stop. First, as far as those Angel helpers in the dream go, in my waking life I have never seen so many Angels as I am seeing now. I don’t know if it is that more Angels are here or if I am just seeing better because they have cleaned out the basement room in my energy system but HOLY MOLY! Angels are with us! Please ask for their help. They are literally standing next to you. Of this I am sure!

The second thing is about this cleansing process and what is going to fill the void when the old stuff is gone. I have been meditating daily for 36 years. I don’t spend too much time each day assessing how well a meditation has gone. I can’t really know what happens in any given session, but sometimes it feels like the clouds part and light, bright as the sun, pours in with a brilliance that takes my breath away.

In the past, a meditation like that was unusual, remarkable and rare. In the past few months however, it is as if the very Earth has spun her way out of a bank of solar clouds into the sunlight of pure Divinity so that when any of us sit down and close our eyes SO MUCH LIGHT IS THERE. And that light is there to fill us up when we let the old crap go.

Regardless of what the story looks like on the surface, something amazing is happening. Incredible light is flooding into this planet for all of us. We don’t have to practice the lotus position or live in a cave wearing a hair shirt and eating twigs to receive this light. It is there for all of us right now (though speaking of twigs, some of my quarantine cuisine has been about as tasty as twigs).

My dear friends, we are at the turn we have long been waiting for. It is why we came and it is happening. Beneath the very real sorrows and challenges of this time, something amazing is happening.

PS And of course I thought of that great song, so apt for these times, when I wrote my title for this blog!

PS 2 Don’t you just love it that even in my dream I am saying no to patriarchs who want me to hang on to their old junk!