It’s Time.

The Angels have been talking about the Great Leap for many years, that paradigm shifting, consciousness expanding, chakra lift off that will usher in a new Heaven and a new Earth for us all.

The leap is here.  It is now.

Around us, we see the collapse of all the old structures and the dire results of our adherence to these structures.  But that can be done with. We can begin again and be our best, most selfless selves beyond all that went before.  Patriarchy can dissolve into nothingness in an instant. We need prepare no more for our efforts to be the solution we seek and the love we know is there behind all the illusionary forms of hatred and selfishness.

So many of you have tirelessly prepared. I’ve seen it.  Day by day for thirty years we visited and lifted each other up in our efforts to heal. You have been there for me, and I hope the Flowers and all of us here have been there for you.

I bear witness to your heroic work.  You’ve done so much intensive soul searching.  You’ve owned every piece of what has happened to you, oftentimes shouldering burdens that were not even yours.

Now is the time to throw off this yoke of sifting through what happened and sorting out responsibility. Now is the time to simply do what we know we need to do- treat each sentient being on this planet as the sacred being it is. Treat dear Earth as the most precious of friends. Put aside fears for the limited self and rise up into love for all.

Each day I check in on what Greta Thunberg is up to.  She inspires me.  She fills my heart with joy and hope.  As she awakens in her mission, she grows increasingly specific in her willingness to do anything to save us all.  Recently, she said she would fly no more because of the carbon footprint of jet travel.

Are we ready to live like Greta?  She reminds us all that none of us is powerless to act and change the world.  Each of us can make meticulous life affirming choices in each moment of every day.  We can speak kindly and act from the heart with each creature we encounter in our day.  We can make the tedious but vital choices to give up immediate pleasures for the sake of our planet.  We can do whatever it takes to save our planet and ourselves.

I know you are ready.  Let’s leap together. All in. All one.