Recently,  I’ve gotten a number of messages from the Angels saying that the institutions of patriarchy no longer have any bone structure but exist almost like illusions without substance.

Not that everyone is  behaving like this is true…..but the Angels keep returning to the point that  patriarchy and all its structures are no longer supported by the vibration of the planet.

Given the Angels’ remarks that patriarchal institutions have no life force any more, and their structures exist almost as mirages, I was startled by the fire in Notre Dame.  The fire felt like a symbolic moment for all of us on Earth but symbolic of what?

Notre Dame, Our Lady, Mother Mary, an eternal being of the Sacred Feminine.

Does the Sacred Feminine want any institution  to containing her, even when it is a beautiful container?  Did the structure of Notre Dame express her? Did it ever express her?  Was this fire an example of the Sacred Feminine rising up like a Phoenix from the ashes, unbound and free?   Does this fire remind us that any binding no matter how beautiful is still a binding?  Or is this fire  pure tragedy?

Several times, Tibetan Buddhist monks have come to our area to do one of their incredible mandalas in sand. After many weeks’ work, when the mandala is complete and radiantly beautiful, they mix the sand together and take it to release in the Connecticut River.  I have sometimes found it very painful to watch them celebrate their mandala with its destruction.

This year has seen our family losing another piece of property we thought would be part of our lives for a long time.  I have been very sad about its loss.  That it was taken from us through an abuse of our goodwill makes it all very painful.  The last time I was on this land, I knew it was goodbye, and I tried to give it back to God as fully as I could.

Such few words for something so complex.  Let go and Let God.

Centered deep within myself, I can find a palpable feeling that growing spiritually is more important than preserving the material world in forms I like.  As a Capricorn, this has been a hard truth for me to grasp even briefly, but the Universe keeps bringing home this lesson to me in large neon letters, so I get a lot of practice.

To have even a glimmer of feeling that it was okay that I lost this land and okay that the Sacred Feminine wants to take a new unbound form than Notre Dame, feels like grace.  As the old chestnut goes, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience not visa versa.  I wish I could have learned this without attending 2X4 school, but I couldn’t.  Transformation often feels like destruction, but it’s actually transformation.