Animal Teachers and the Positive Pathways of Flower Essences

These thirty years, I’ve searched for ways to explain Flower Essences, and tried many descriptions on for size.  To talk about Flower Essences requires that we see the universe as both matter and energy with energy creating matter not visa versa, and this is complicated. Fortunately to experience their gifts requires no intellectual description or understanding.

My introduction to Flower Essences came after I had worked in the gardens with Angels and Elementals for a number of years. Everything the Angels and Elementals had suggested I do resulted in gardens of such beauty and vibrancy that I followed their counsel with delight and faith.  When these beloved partners said, “We would like you to make Flower Essences.” and matter-of-factly explained what Flower Essences were,  I was overjoyed to make them. I used them with complete conviction.

Believing came before seeing, but seeing swiftly followed believing.

After a couple of years, the Flower Essences were flying out of here pretty much of their own volition, but my charge from the Angels and Elementals was to try and explain them as well as share them.

While I struggled with different metaphors, another group explained Flower Essences both without words and better than I ever would: the Animals.

Flower Essences and the Animals are a match made in heaven.  From the first, the Animals revealed to their people what is possible with Flower Essences.  We are often the call of last resort for folks with a sick or anxious animal.  We are also lucky enough to hear so much positive feedback about the surprising healings that occurred when Animals get to use the Essences in this eleventh hour- or right off the bat too..  We are lucky to have so many people give our Essences a whirl for themselves, because the Animals in their care have shown them their gifts.

All the Animal ambassadors in the world still left me needing to give some explanation of Flower Essences to folks without Animals in their lives.  I began to use analogies like roadmaps, tuning forks and electrical upgrades for our circuit boards.  I describe Flower Essences as the divine wisdom of the Flower in a more portable and permanent form than the Flower petals. No matter how often I write about Flower Essences, I always have an ear cocked for a new way to describe these dear Flower friends.

Today someone used the phrase in a conversation with me, “positive rehearsals to create positive pathways.”

I liked the phrase “positive pathways.”

All these years later, we have many documents both online and in print that delineate the positive pathways of our Flower Essences..  We can usually take your request for specific help and arrive at specific suggestions of Flower Essences by using all our written materials. However one wonderful thing is that the energy of the Flower Essence often comes out to introduce itself when it is needed even before we have made a written material match-up.

All the staff goddesses here have their own experiences of the Flower Essences. They also get to hear your stories about what Flower Essences have done for you and the Animals in your life. The staff goddesses also know their way around the many documents online and in written form sharing what the Flowers have said about the specific gifts of their vibrations. But oftentimes the Flower Essences cut to the chase.

Oftentimes when us staff goddesses are considering your concerns and what Flower Essences to suggest, a Flower name floats into our heads, and when we check the description it fits it exactly.  Yes, some of this is because we know the Flower Essences well, but often the suggestions surprises us.  You’ll use a very specific phrase for what you are looking for, and when we check out the description of the Flower that called itself to our attention, it will have that phrase embedded in its description.

This morning, for instance, someone wanted an Essence to help a young man who believes he is bad, and the Flower Bleeding Heart Vine nudged its way into my consciousness. When I went to read about this Essence for confirmation, there in the description this Flower Essence had given about itself was the phrase “helps us vomit up any confining pattern or a sense of ourselves as bad.”

Flowers KNOW their gifts. They know their positive pathways and where these pathways will take someone. They will work with their co-creators, the Angels and Elementals, to use words, dreams, energetic nudges, Animal beloveds, and coincidences, to call their Flower Essences to our attention.  When we ask to heal something, the appropriate Flower allies answer our call in the most inventive ways.  They will move heaven and earth to get their healing energy  into our hands.

So why do I ever worry about the limitations of my word choices or analogies?  The Flowers, the Angels and the Elementals have it completely under control.

As with so many posts, I thought this was going to be about one thing, and it’s turned out to be about another thing entirely. I began with a worry that I needed to cultivate a new metaphor for Flower Essences in order for people to understand them. Would positive pathways be my new go-to phrase? Who knows?

One thing I did realize as I let this blog flow is that Flower Essences and the Angels and Elementals that bring them to us have their own tools.  They have so many ways to bring Flower Essences to our attention besides words, and they use these tools every day..

As the Angel of Flower Essences said to me as I ended this post, “Don’t worry- bee happy- we’ll get the Flower Essences out into the world no matter what.  This is the Age of Flowers, and Flower Essences’ time has come.”