Reasons for Hope- Reasons for Thanks

Reasons for Hope? Reasons for Thanks?

In a word- You.

I know some would say I am naïve or in denial in my hope, but I am hope filled, and you are a big reason for that.

For thirty years I have journeyed with you.  There are so many ways you have revealed your love, light and courage.  This has kept me steadfast in hope.

You tirelessly pursue your spiritual work.  Night and day. Through thick and thin. Year after year.

You examine yourselves and your situation with incredible honesty and pick Flower Essences that will address what is genuinely going on.

You work so very hard to make full use of our Flower Essences, and you do so with such humor.  You do so when it is painful. You do so when you are weary.  You are dogged and determined. You  keep on keeping on.

You seek the right Flower Essences for the beloveds in your life with deep concern, wisdom and clarity. You observe other’s lives with great kindness and compassion. You care for so many.

Your work with animals astounds us.  You will do anything for the beloved animals in your lives. You take on the most challenging rescue animals, and you stick with them until death do you part.

You rise to every challenge with your health and with the health of those around you.

You act so generously to help others.  You contain them with great thoughtfulness and great heart. You don’t run away from being there in the most painful circumstances.

You share the most tender moments of your life with us.  The small silly ones and the big ones.  We read your missives aloud to each other. We laugh with you.  We cry with you.  You give all of us hope.

We love you.