In the Lab with Staff Goddess Jen Lenz

In this post

-We take Green Hope geeking to a whole new level.

-We discover that  a drop is not a drop.

-We answer all your questions about who funded this study.

-We establish that while Molly has been accused of having no left brain, there ARE people at the farm with very high functioning left brains ( just not me).

-We discover that one of the staffers with a wonderful left AND right brain, Jen Lenz,  would leave no stone unturned to be accurate in how we answer your questions.

To explain- Staff Goddess, Jennifer Lenz, decided she wanted to double check the number of drops in our bottles since we routinely tell you that the 1/2 oz bottle contains 300 drops and the 2 oz bottle (at four times the size of the 1/2 oz) contains 1200 drops.

From left to right 2 oz bottle, 1/2 oz bottle &  2 oz spritzer bottle

Being an engineer by training, Jen likes accuracy.  She also has a lot of patience which is perhaps one reason why she rode a bike across our country from Meriden, NH to San Francisco, CA while most of the rest of us fly in a plane. (When checking with her on the departure and destination points, she notes that she did not go directly from here to there but did a lot of wandering- Thank you for ensuring this blog post accurately describes your trip)

In any case, all this translated into Jen patiently sitting down with test bottles to count out the drops.

It never occurred to me that the data could be different than when I did this count 30 years ago, but Jen wanted to verify my old data as 30 years is a long, long time.  This general penchant to have things “never occur to me” could be one of the reasons my family often says about me, “She never expects the Spanish Inquisition.”

OK- Without any further meanderings, here are the results, straight from Jen’s tiny lab in her tiny home ( which I might add, is about the cutest house I have ever been in- if she could fit in a second bed, she might find me there way too often)

(Maybe here is the place to note about Jen’s funding. She received no bribes from ANYONE to get the results she got and even refused to be paid with a second bed, one that I offered to install for “no particular reason” beyond my selfless generosity)

Findings from the tiny house auxiliary laboratory for flower essence sciences:

2-ounce bottles
2 ounces is approximately 57 grams with dropper and with the Flower Essence level at the base of the neck of the bottle.
Each large dropper has approximately 17 drops in it.
2 ounces is approximately 1220 drops (I may have spaced out a few times, but probably within dozen or so drops and amazingly close to what we have been saying.)
Each spritz is approximately 3 drops with approximately 440 sprays in a 2-ounce bottle (spraying that many times was actually easier than I thought it would be).
0.5-ounce bottles
0.5 ounces is approximately 14 grams with dropper and with the Flower Essence level is at the tippy top of the bottle
Each small dropper top has approximately 12 drops in it
0.5 ounces is only approximately 210 drops (!!!!) with the standard small dropper top.
Wait…what? Yes, I tried it multiple times. All were the same.
So, I tried it with the larger dropper top in the 0.5-ounce bottle…AND
0.5 ounces is approximately 305 drops with the larger dropper top!! As it should be!
In conclusion, not all dropper tops are made the same!!! And what’s up with the small dropper tops? As I was counting the drops from the smaller dropper top, I did think “geez…do these drops look bigger?” Are all drops just a drop? 
I have no idea what you want to do with this data, but this has been your science lesson of the day.
xoxo, Jen (I may miss science) Lenz

So now we wonder- How do we explain this phenomena to you all?

On our most recent batch of droppers (we buy them in 50,000 to 100,000  lots) the dropper tips (the glass units called pipettes) are shaped differently than in previous batches. This change in dropper tips is not something that we asked for. The manufacturer just sent different dropper pipettes.  (Once this happened with the opening of our half ounce glass bottles and we had to rebuild our bottling gizmo because we had 100,000 bottles with openings too narrow for our bottling gizmo- but that is another story)

Anyway, back to our current situation.  Older 1/2 oz dropper tips apparently make smaller drops than this new batch of dropper tips.  So if you have older Essences as in six months old or older, you probably have these older dropper tips and will get 300 drops out of your bottle. If you have newer Essences then consider that one drop is really more like 1.5 even 2 drops from one of the older dropper tips.  Please know  you can use fewer drops with these new dropper tips to get the same number of dosages.


Given this truth, drops are elevant in terms of you getting the highest number of doses from your bottle of Essences, but not in terms of you getting the healing information of the Essences.  .

Get the most  from your bottles of Essences is one reason we mention SPRITZING so much.

It is also SUCH an effective way to give you and your beloveds the information of the Flower Essences.  With a spritzer your subtle electrical bodies as well as your physical body get the information of the Essences. Your mental, emotional, etheric AND physical bodies and their  many electrical receptors get the information at the same time!

Spritzing is also, according to our Green Hope Farm Lab Goddess Jen, a very cost effective way to use the Essences.  Remember with a spritzer bottle you can put a couple droppersful of whatever Essences you want to work with in an empty spritzer bottle then fill with water, and according to Jen,  get 440 spritzes!

That is a lot of SPRITZING!

Please email with any questions about this data Attention Jen- Her answers will be more accurate than mine!

The adorable Jen Lenz at the computer