Remembering the Origins of the Animal Wellness collection as I mix up Flee Free

Most of our combination Flower Essences are mixed from individual Flower Essences. The exceptions are combinations made from Flowers in specific gardens like the different Venus Gardens and the Arbor Garden. The mixes from these gardens are made right there in the gardens. With other combination Flower Essences, like those in the Animal Wellness Collection, we must mix them in our room of mother Flower Essence stock.

Today, we were low on many of the Animal Wellness Collection Flower Essences so I volunteered to start replenishing our inventory by mixing Flee Free.

Making combination Flower Essences is always a happy job. To get reacquainted with the ingredients in a combination Flower Essences is to appreciate all over again the wonderful layered strengths of the mix.

Combination Flower Essences work like braids: They offer electrical information that weaves together to give us complex support in a harmonious way. This is similar to how musical instruments work together in an orchestra to create a unified piece of music that is powerful in its layered beauty. While I know I switched metaphors in midstream from weaving to music, both are apt. The vibration of each Flower Essences literally is music, and when combined, Flower Essences weave their unique songs together to become something greater than their individual parts.

Someone emailed this morning to ask for something to add to Immune Support to support her through flu season. We suggested Golden Armor as it offers great support for keeping our energy system clear of viruses. Had she emailed an hour later, I would have made the suggestion she consider Flee Free too. This remedy never ceases to amaze me, and certainly I was struck again by its wisdom as I mixed it this morning.

The principle behind Flee Free is that when our electrical systems are vibrant and strong, we naturally rebuff things like fleas and ticks. This means the ingredients in this mix are intended to support us to make our electrical systems vibrant and strong. What I remembered today as I mixed Flee Free was that when our electrical systems are vibrant and strong, we also rebuff things like flu bugs.

Before looking at the ingredient list, it’s worth saying again that even the most complex Flower Essence mix is not too much for our electrical system to learn from. All Flower Essences are information not chemical, songs to inspire not substances to hinder our electrical systems. Often the sounds of the Flowers are so beautiful that our vibrations can rise almost effortlessly in response to their music.

So mix your Flower Essences together with joy and confidence. You never know what gem of a mix you are making or how what you learn will inform the work all of us on the planet are doing as we dive more deeply into the gifts of Flower Essences.

I encourage you to feel confident in part because of my own struggles with confidence.

When all this began, I had never imagined myself running a business. This meant that in the early years, I often tried to put on the brakes when my Angel partners wanted me to start a new project or simply let things blossom and expand. I wasn’t sure I could do it. Yes, I could love Flowers and Flower Essences with all my heart, but share them through a business? Gulp!

Such was the case in the early 90’s when the Angels wanted us to create the Animal Wellness Collection. The Angels had been asking me to expand our offerings for animals from Animal Emergency Care and Flee Free to a larger collection. I had been gnashing my teeth about my ability to birth this set into the world. Now this collection seems like a no-brainer and one of the things I am most glad we created. I LOVE this collection so much. It has helped literally millions of animals and people.

But back to me gnashing my teeth. One day an animal practitioner called to ask us to make this collection for the animals. I told her, “I don’t know if we can do it. We are not exactly sitting around eating BonBons.” As I got off the phone, there was a knock on the door. It was a young friend of the family bringing us an ENORMOUS box of…..chocolates!

Hmmmmmm. So we WERE eating BonBons!

This little syncronicity had the Angels fingerprints ALL over it, so I tossed out to them, “Okay, okay, I will do this collection but I need more staff.”

The phone rang. The voice at the other end said, “ My Angels just told me to call you. I would like to work at the farm. Are you looking for staff?”

Hmmmmmm. There really IS no place to hide when you work with Angels!

And so I dove into the project of making the Animal Wellness Collection.  Mostly this involved wonderful conversations with the Angels.  Once we got rolling, they never left me alone to fret over what the mixes to create or how to make them. They chose the issues each mix would support. They chose the name of each mix. They chose the ingredients in each mix.  And as each year passes, they keep on re-explaining them and pointing out to us how they can be used in circumstances we hadn’t considered before. Every day they encourage us onwards.

These mixes have bloomed in our lives for almost three decades. Each day brings new understanding of the significance of these mixes and not just because of what the Angels share. Your sharing is deeply important. Even the re-mixing of a mix is valuable. As I added each Flower Essence to the mix, I am reminded how it shines a light on the mix and, I feel all over again the brilliance of the Angels’ ingredient list.






Crab Apple


Darrell’s Fleabane- on the additional Essence list

The Eight Garden

Echinacea- on the additional Essence list


Fleabane- on the additional Essence list

Jack in the Pulpit- on the additional Essence list








Old Blush China Rose


Radish – on the additional Essence list

Rattlesnake Master

Red Clover

Self Heal

St John’s Wort


Sweet William





White Yarrow


Here in this mix are remedies for protecting our energy field (Lavender, St John’s Wort, Thistle, Teasel, Old Blush China Rose, Rattlesnake Master, Broccoli, Darrell’s Fleabane, Fleabane, Pennyroyal, Jewelweed), for balance (Chives, Maple, Jack in the Pulpit), for endocrine health (Blackberry), for knowing it is okay to say no to pests (Wintergreen), for shielding us from technology pollution that weakens our energy fields (White Yarrow), for rooting out negativity deep in our electrical field (Eggplant), for immune system health (Blackberry) , for course correction if our health is going in a counter-productive direction (Larkspur), for protection during fiery times (St. John’s Wort), for amplifying healing from other Essences (Radish), for alignment (Lilac, Sunflower), for self confidence we can be healthy and strong ( Self Heal, Sunflower, Crab Apple, Amaryllis, Sweet William), for blood health (Echinacea), for emotional balance ( Maple, Red Clover, Broccoli, Trillium, Red Clover), for cleansing our electrical field (Lemon, Dandelion, The Eight Garden, Eggplant) and for strength ( Lilac, Sunflower, Teasel, Titan). And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the gifts that these Essences bring to this mix.

And so, if your hand hovers over your Flee Free bottle with the inner nudge that it may be good for you as well as your animal companions, I say yes! You can bet my water has Flee Free in it today!