More Moral Support from the Angels and Elementals

The energy feels very up and down with a lot of stops and starts. Here in the northeast, the weather echoes this rollercoaster ride with one extreme cold spell followed by a thaw followed by another polar freeze.


I asked the Angels and Elementals if they had anything they wanted to say about this uneven energy. They did.

Just a quick reminder before I turn this blog over to them. The Angelic kingdom is responsible for holding the divine plan for Earth and all creation. The Elemental kingdom manifests the plan. Humanity’s cooperative work with these two kingdoms makes an immense difference in how well the divine plan manifests, but it will manifest without our help.

”Radical change, the kind of change humanity and the planet are embarked upon, leaves a lot of betwixt and between moments as well as moments when it feels like the brake and gas pedals have been pressed at the same time as well as moments when events are moving very fast, but it is unclear which way they are heading.

Yes, as you put it, the energy is up and down with lots of stops and starts.

Change is like that. It is never a slow steady thing. It is nothing like the measured pace of a flight of stairs, but underneath, it does have its own divine order.   The stops and starts are their own harmonious music, even as it is challenging to experience them this way.

It is never a smooth process from one paradigm to another and THIS is a big paradigm shift for beloved Earth and all creation.

You can continue to expect times when things move forward both with fingernail biting tension as well as unexpected ease. You can expect times when what has been gained seems to shred to pieces before your very eyes and times when what has been gained is felt with every cell of your being.

In addition to this being an eventful time, in any paradigm shift there are release moments that cannot sync up precisely with download moments. You may have “ah ha” moments that clear the deck of much which you thought mattered, yet there is no clarity about what comes next. You may feel the space of what you have released but also the discomfort of nothing yet being there to fill the void.

It just has to be this way. Things must be cleansed, released and lightened in density.   And the new that is coming can’t always arrive right after the release. So just wait in this void until the way is made clear. It will be. Going backwards is not going to feel better. You have outgrown what you left behind. There is a plan. Wait in faith that this is so and that you will find the way forward.

We also want to encourage you that on any journey worth its salt, there are challenges and setbacks. This is a journey worth its salt. The setbacks and “learning lessons” are part of the process. Do not worry.

We know about now you might say, “All this is easy for Angels to say.”

Yes, we know this is true. It is easy for us to say which is why we want to support you to experience everything that is happening from our vibration of equanimity and calm.

That is why we want you to identify with us as part of us. This is the truth. You and we are not we but one. We hold an absolute feeling of confident overview about all that is unfolding, and we would like to help you find the bead on the consciousness that knows this. It is your truth as much as it is ours.

This is one of the reasons we are so present right now. We want to support you in viewing things from our perspective, because this perspective is yours too.   We want to help you experience this feeling of confident calm amidst change.

Last year we had the Green Hope Farm community grow the Through Angels’ Eyes garden and make a Flower Essence to share from this garden so there would be a tool to help you link to and experience our vibration as one with yours. We know that in aligning with our perspective it becomes one with you. From this place of oneness, you can ride these rollercoaster energies with serenity.

There are many other tools that will help you experience these times through Angels’ eyes. Here are a few more.

One way you find equanimity is in facing experiences that throw you off your game then centering in your heart to find calm again. This builds spiritual muscles so that no matter what happens you can find your way back to this centered place.

Finding time for this centering in one of your challenges. Your culture clamors for non-stop action and stimuli. This makes it very hard for you. Please understand that going slower than slow is essential right now. If you find yourself with any in-between moments or any quiet time embrace them. In fact, seek them out. Spend as much quiet time in your heart as you can.

We cannot emphasis enough the need for heart-centered quiet to assimilate the changes you are undergoing. You really do need more rest, more quiet, more sleep and more stillness. Let yourself embrace these states without guilt.

Stillness opens the door for you to experience oneness with us. In stillness you can much more easily sync with the serenity of our vibration and perspective, a place of deep peace that is your birthright.

Stillness grounds you in the truth that no matter how erratic things look, all is well.  In stillness our calming words become an imperishable experience of truth for you. The wisdom is experienced as part of you, an unshakeable experience of oneness and love in an ocean of love.”