Photos of the New St John Flower Essences

After much effort, my hero, Ben, figured out the problem with the blog. Thanks to Ben, we are able to upload photos once again. Here are the missing photos of the new St John Flower Essences. The full descriptions of these Essences can be found in a recent post and are also available as a printed document ( just call us 603-469-3662 or email us at 100_5476.JPGThis is a Calabash tree.100_5483.JPGHere the ripening Calabash gourds hang off the main branches of the tree. These gourds, growing to the size of basketballs are part of the signature of this plant. They are almost unbreakable. So too, this Essence, among other things, is all about containing, protecting, sustaining, and supporting our inner creations.100_5328.JPGCat’s Claw. Not the best photo but its all in the Essence and this one has already come in very handy. We talk to so many people with animals that have difficulty remembering the rules of their household. While Spiderwort continues to help animals sort out the directions from their people and discern what’s expected of them, Cat’s Claw has already helped a lot of animals to remember to disengage when they have temporarily forgotten that they aren’t supposed to climb the curtains or engage in endless fighting with the other household animals or use their claws on the new couch or…… People have taken a shine to it too, since it offers great support for de-escalating and disengaging for any sort of tangle. 100_5542.JPGThis is Christmas Bush, the new one for wound healing. We have been interested to see how often this one has called to you and been suggested by the Angels for wounds beyond the physical dimension, particularly relationship wounds. 100_5527.JPGCoco Plum. Its tiny green Flowers so beautifully echo its gifts for soothing our way through the small discomforts of life100_5320.JPGHere’s Inkberry, its blossoms reflecting its Flower Essence support to bring ashore your ideas into stable manifestation. I am sorry I am always using the rather technical word manifestation. Happy to receive your suggestions for a phrase less stuffy.100_5323.JPGInkberry again, with a Sea Grape already using its sheltering roots to plant itself. That is one of the great gifts of this plant. It forms such a solid root structure that other plants can thrive once it has rooted itself. This of course has implications in terms of the kind of support it offers those looking for support to manifest their own creation.Anyways, I took this photo because I thought these Inkberry’s were growing in such an extraordinarily beautiful spot. This plant looks out across the channel from St. John to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.100_5408.JPGMy overexposed shot of Madagascar Periwinkle. The color is more like the one Flower in shadows in the upper left hand corner of the photo. This one is proving a star! 100_5395.JPGNicker Nut. I have certainly noticed that many yellow Flowers offer vibrational wisdom about well, some sort of wisdom. And its hard to miss the fact that Flowers growing on the beach are often about bridging the manifest and unmanifest world. We can see both these strands in Nicker Nut which helps us make wise choices about what we create, be it a new life or a new job or a new project. 100_5620.JPGHere are some NIcker Nuts. Aren’t they lovely? These gorgeous but tough, timeless beauties grow inside ridiculously prickly pouches, two other ways that Nicker Nut’s appearance reflects the vibrational strength of its Flower Essence. The seeds are nearly indestructible reflecting the way that Nicker Nut helps us to choose wise manifestations that will go the distance. The prickly pouches reflect the ways Nicker Nut helps us figure out how to properly take care of our new creations, really protect them in their gestation until they are ready to sail the seven seas as this nut does. 100_5197.JPGLast but not least, Spoon Tree for clarity of creative vision.