Winter Glory

Friends from Bermuda who live in one of our favorite Bermuda Gardens brought their children to Vermont this week to experience a New England winter and to see snow for the FIRST TIME.

Here was meant to be a photo of 5 year old Zander learning from May May about the pleasures of a snow bath. His sister, 2 year old Annabelle was completely horrified by the amount of clothing she was expected to wear to be outside in the snow. She was just outside the frame of the photograph that failed to post, pulling off her mittens, boots, socks and tossing everything into the snow! An easy image to imagine without a photograph!

It was an inspired week for the Bermuda crew to visit as we have had daily snow squalls, three days of all day snow, a two day ice storm, high winds creating white outs and more storms predicted for this weekend. Jim and Will have now had four snow days and four two hour delay days since the first of the year and are looking forward to going to school in July.

This morning will be another wonderland for Zander and family as the sun has come out to illuminate the ice on the landscape. It’s a pretty magnificent sight, even for those of us with many a New England winters under our belts.

Only sadly, I am STILL having technical difficulties with the blog and my efforts to post photos of the ice storm and also of Riley looking like ice storm Valentine’s Day cheesecake have failed to load.

BEN!!!!!!! I need your help!

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