A Cat Named Paws

Dear Friends,

Here is an extended email exchange with one of you dear ones about your beloved cat, Paws. This exchange reminds me how an email exchange is always a learning and a gift for all of us here at the farm. Your insights and questions have been central to all I have learned about Flower Essences during my thirty years here. I also love how this email reveals how the animals in our lives open spiritual doorways for us as Paw’s did here.

Paw’s Person first wrote:

It has been awhile since I have ordered flower essences. I moved in August from Michigan to Florida. In December we received a new kitty from someone’s home. My daughter had wanted one for so long.  We noticed he was sick and took him to the vet.  He had parasites, worms and fleas. He was treated but is still ill.  We took him to a different vet.  He has battled with being sick this entire time. Sometimes he improves, then gets sick again. I looked at what essences I have and found New Beginnings, something our whole family could benefit from. I put some our kitty’s paws today and spritzed in the air. What else might I consider for this kitty?

We wrote back:

Thank you for reaching out to us- I spoke with Molly about this and she felt that the cat’s blood was not healthy and PRECIOUS BLOOD would be a wonderful support. Another possibility is SAGO PALM. It helps bring vibrant health back to cats who are not doing well as it reminds them of their original blueprint for health. RECOVERY and VITALITY also call out to us for your kitty to help bring that energy and life-force back into his system. I hope these suggestions are helpful!

For you I would recommend EYES OF MARY to help stay clear sighted in the midst of this and GROUNDING to help stay calm like a deeply rooted tree in this chaotic time both in our smaller lives and the bigger world. Thank you for reaching out to us-

Paw’s person called us for a custom mix for Paws which we sent off to her. I asked the Angels for the ingredients for the mix and this was their list: Precious Blood, Sago Palm, Recovery, Vitality, Immune Support, Golden Armor, Vitex, Rosemary, Maple Larkspur, Ethereal Fluidium Super Glue, Animal Emergency Care

Then Paw’s person wrote to tell us:

The vet said this could be a kitty with a weak immune system and worse case scenario, failure to thrive. I am trying my best to get him healthy. His name is Paws. He is a very sweet boy but is very sick. Any ideas on something that might help him? Thanks again. I spoke with one of you to place my order, but forgot to ask again about the best places to give Paws the flower essences. On his paws and ears? He is my first pet receiving essences 🙂

We wrote back to Paw’s person:

Thank you so much for reaching out again! His paws and ears are a great place to start! You can also try putting a few drops in his water bowl so he can drink it throughout the day or in his food! You also have the right idea with the spritzing! If you frequently spritz his essences where he sleeps or likes to hang out, he will receive the information whenever he is there! I hopes this helps, dear one! Please let us know if you have any other questions! All blessings to you!

Paw’s person wrote back:

Thank you. I took Paws to the vet today and they think he has Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), which sounds like he could die any day. Do you have any experience with flower essences helping cats with a disease like this live?

I wrote Paw’s person:

First I want to say that I think the Angels were on the job here when they created his mix- I would give this to Paws numerous times a day either by putting on his paws, putting drops on his back or just rubbing on your hands then petting him-

Second, I am so sorry about this diagnosis- I do not know what will result from the Essences but again, the Angels picked really heavy hitters for Paws and clearly knew what was going on when they gave me the list of Essences for his mix- These Essences are very serious healers- I personally have seen cats given up for dead come back to life with Essences, but I do not know if this will happen with Paws- I do think your loving care right now, whether he lives or dies, matters a lot- I am putting you all in our prayers- Please know we are thinking of you and sending much love, Molly

PS The Angels are with you- and I am too- so much love to your daughter too going through this difficult experience!  Love, Molly

Paw’s person wrote us:

Thank you so much Molly. I would like to learn how to be more intuitive to hear the angels as well. I am working on it. I appreciate their guidance. I appreciate your help as well.

I wrote back:

Just know you are not separate- This communication is meant to be as easy as you talking to another person- I am sure that you are asking the Angels and Elementals to open up this conversation more clearly for you- When I first started talking to the Angels and Elementals they were very inventive in how they convinced me I wasn’t imagining things!  I very much liked the book The Magic of Findhorn by Paul Hawken for a story of people beginning to talk to the Angels, Elementals and Divinity!  Old copies are inexpensive on Amazon and I found it an inspiring story!  All Love, Molly

Paw’s person wrote:

I will check out the book. Again, thank you! I wanted to share with Molly, and whomever else 🙂 , that we received Paws special mix yesterday. It was such a blessing. After I opened the outer box and put it on the floor, he crawled inside the tiny box! He was so receptive to the flower essences that he licked it out of my hand. I have put it in some water and this is the only way right now I have seen him drink water. I put it on his paws and body but am so excited that he is drinking it out of my hand as well.

I wrote back:

Getting your email made me want to cry- I was so glad that dear little Paws got this Flower Essence love- I am so grateful for all you shared.  Paws and all of you remain in my thoughts and prayers- Much Love, Molly

Paw’s person wrote:

Thank you Molly. Paws keeps licking from my hand and I put it in his food and water. I will let you know how he does. We are giving him a lot of love

A few weeks went by and then we heard this from Paw’s person:

Our kitty Paws turned gravely ill this weekend, and we will be putting him down this afternoon. This is a very hard decision. I am wondering if the special mix for Paws could be used for something else or on someone else in our family? If not, I thought to bury it with him. He sure loved it and drank it every day out of my hand multiple times a day! He would run over to me when I would get the bottle down for him. It was amazing. Thank you.

I replied:

I am so sorry to hear about Paws- We all send our love- I would definitely keep this mix to use for yourself or anyone else- It would help anyone to feel their best-

Paw’s person wrote:

Thank you Molly. I will keep it and use it. Would you have any idea how it might have helped Paws? I know you said it was for a purpose, and he might not get better. He just loved it so much, and I am so curious to know how it may have helped him. It made me feel so good to give it to him.

I answered:

Again, we are all so sorry about Paws-  And now to your very wonderful and wise question- The thing about Essences is that they help animals feel really seen and heard. They help them feel really understood because Flower Essences are exactly what animals would seek in the wild for their healing if they had the chance to go into the wild- so I am sure it helped Paws know you both loved and got him.

Additionally, animals evolve from one incarnation to the next towards becoming more evolved beings, and Essences give them a lot of information that help them evolve. I am sure you helped Paws to learn things that he will take forward in his next incarnation (This happens to be my belief so forgive me if this is not what you believe and just sounds nutty).

As far as my understanding goes, anything that Paws learned from the Essences about his electrical system, health and well being will be useful wisdom he can put to work in his next life.  All wisdom learned from the Essences is his to keep- This is no small gift!

So grateful you asked this wonderful question- amidst your sad time too- Much love to you, Molly

Paw’s person replied:

Thank you Molly, this really helps me understand better. This is so painful but I am glad I helped him.