Heart Gardeners All

Every morning here at the farm, there is a race to the mail pile. Staff goddesses arrive a few minutes early in hopes they can snag the pile before someone else does.

We love our mail! Your cards, letters, photos, art, funny and heartfelt stories lift us up and make us laugh. Sometimes we cry right along with you, grateful you have trusted us with your sorrows as well as your joys.

Whichever lucky goddess snagged the mail shares the news and leaves the cards on the big office kitchen table for the rest of us to read too. Email news is savored too. When you send your news on email, it gets read out or we hover around the computer screen to catch up. We ooh and ahh over photos of your beloveds be they canine, feline, equine, feathered or human.

I shouldn’t leave out the rabbit news and photos here. We love this too!

We are grateful for every being that has gotten to work with Green Hope Farm Flower Essences and grateful to hear from you about how it’s gone.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that Green Hope Farm has been here for 30 years, a milestone we are going to celebrate with you in 2017.

Sometimes it is hard NOT to believe this. We get cards from you and discover your children who were frolicking like young colts just a minute ago are now parents of their own children. That happened to me too! A precious new mother was sharing her birth story with us on email this morning, and I realized the birth story I was sharing back with her was for Ben who is 35!

I feel very lucky about being part of this virtual village. And grateful too because I am a part of it thanks to all of you. Someone described the work of loving kindness as a kind of heart gardening with each of us heart gardeners. I want to thank each of you for your heart gardening.

As the staff will tell you, I love every last card you send and every last thoughtful enclosure. These sharing from you fill the office and literally hang from the rafters! Sometimes I am a little disorganized with my thanks. I just want to make sure you all know we appreciate your love! And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the blessings you have showered on us in this year and all the years we have been here.

Love, Molly