How Long do our Flower Essences Last?


I am grateful for your questions because they show me where I have failed to convey important information! Today I wanted to write about how long our Flower Essences will stay fully charged with all their electrical information. I hope to address your questions and concerns in this blog.

Q: I just read your FAQ sheet and was struck by the expense of replacing one’s Essences every year.

A: First of all, our Flower Essences can hold their electrical charge much longer than a year. There should NOT be a need to begin again each year.  HOWEVER our Flower Essences have to be cared for if they are going to stay vibrant and full of information. This is true of ALL Flower Essences. They need your love and care to stay fully charged.

Q: So why do you say they may begin to lose their electrical charge and vibrational information after a year?

A: I say this because I’m not sure what will happen to the Essences once they are out of our hands.  Here at the farm, we grow the Flowers, create Essences then bottle and ship these Essences out to you, always considering how to make sure you get the highest vibration Flower Essences possible.  We look to the Angels and Elementals to help us at every step and follow their advice as closely as we can.  After you receive the Essences from us, the Essences need care from you or they will begin to lose their vibrational information after about a year. Its not an arduous amount of care but just a little bit of care.

Q: In what conditions do they last well?

A: I am not trying to make life difficult for you when I ask you to store your Flower Essences in a high vibration spot in your home. It’s just that if you put a high vibration product in a low vibration spot, it is more work for the high vibration product to stay full of light than if you store this product in a happy spot in the first place. For example, most of us would have an easier time keeping our vibration high on a serene beach in Fiji than at a toxic waste dump.


Remember also that if your Flower Essences have been somewhere where the vibration is not high, you can ask the Angels and Elementals to clear and recharge them. The Angels and Elementals are there for all of us. All you need to do is ask for this help, and it will be done.

Q: In what conditions would Flower Essences not last as long?

A:  If you store your Flower Essences in a locker in Grand Central Station, they are going to get tapped off my passer-bys. This draining of electrical information is a problem anytime Flower Essences are stored in busy traffic areas.   We try very hard to address this by shipping Flower Essences directly to your door in a fully charged condition. Additionally we are grateful that the shops and practices where we send our Flower Essences have staff that love and protect the Essences.  Shops where no one loves the Flower Essences are places where the Essences will soon lose their information to whomever pulls on them in passing.


Q: Would using brandy instead of Red Shiso make a Flower Essence last longer?

A: No it would not. Whether a Flower Essence is stabilized in Red Shiso or in brandy, it is still subject to people or animals pulling on the Essence. It will still will lose its energy if it is not cared for.  Brandy sometimes masks a flat or vibrationless Essence better than Red Shiso, but this does not mean there is data in an old, uncared for brandy based Essence. That is why I am so glad that everyone is getting more adept at feeling into the vibration of Flower Essences to see if they have helpful information or if they are either drained of data or not relevant to one’s situation. The more we work with Flower Essences collectively, the more routine it will be to care for the Essences and the more easy it will be to find the best most helpful Essences for any dilemma we face.


Q: Why do you prefer Red Shiso as your stabilizer?

A: I could go on forever in response to this question.  This plant is generosity incarnate.  As a stabilizer and preservative, it enhances each Essence much as a microphone makes it easier for us to hear a beautiful note sung.  Red Shiso tenderly and thoroughly protects the vibration of each Essence, and it works in complete harmony with the energy of every Flower. Red Shiso is a plant that completely and selflessly has the back of every Flower it works with.

Last spring, staffer Sage Dewey had a dream in which she saw a field of Red Shiso plants grown in an immense spiral.  In the dream she heard the words, “Red Shiso shows us the way.”  In response to her dream, we grew this year’s crop of Red Shiso in a spiral. We also have thought long and hard about what this dream meant.

Red Shiso is an unforgettable plant.  It is beautiful and lush with its ruffled maroon leaves.  It is a tangy edible and makes a gorgeous deep cherry colored tincture for our Essences.  In so many ways it expresses its uniqueness yet never at the expense of any other sentient being.  It thrives with love then gives more love back.  It lives and dies in harmony and with grace and generosity.  It certainly does show us the way, and I am grateful it offered itself to be used as the common thread in all the Flower Essences here at Green Hope Farm.  I can think of no better friend.