Theory Number One

Super sleuth Ben has been here to weigh in on why the photos are not going up on the blog.

He also fiddled around to fix the problem to no avail. Theory number one has to do with the comment section after each blog.

You may have noticed that I have never gotten a handle on sorting and posting the comments. The main reason for this is that we get so much spam in the comments section that I can’t keep up with sorting the spam from the genuine comments.

Like right now. I have 161,476 comments awaiting my attention. This is the actual number there to sort.

When I started today to delete these in groups of about twenty, which was all the blog program seemed to allow for, Ben did a quick calculation to see how long that approach was going to take me.

He said it was going to take me 67 hours to delete the spam at the rate I was going. This sort of took the wind out of my sails.

Ben is going to research how to do a big dump of this spam, because he thinks that perhaps the spam is taking up so much room on the blog that I no longer have room to post photos. He explained to me that words take much less cyber space than photos, hence I may have enough space for these comments but not for any photos.

Ben has gone back to his world with a promise of trying to figure this out sometime this weekend when he has more time. Probably not during the Superbowl I would guess, but hopefully before the game.

Thanks for your patience and please continue to send any blog feedback to the email address versus commenting on the blog. That way I will actually get to read your thoughts!