Encouragement as the Vibration Rises

In the last week there has been another rise in vibration on our planet. This is good news for Earth and all humanity, but sometimes complex in the immediate aftermath of the shift. Why is this so? These vibrational upticks require us to accommodate these vibrations in our physical bodies, and that requires effort on the part of our electrical systems.

Flower Essences are all about helping our electrical systems tune up to higher vibrations so we can make these higher vibrations our own vibration. This means Flower Essences are a very helpful tool during these vibrational shifts.

This last week many of you have been ordering Flower Essences for your eyesight. This particular energy rise does seem to have been challenging for our eyesight. Rosa Glauca is the one that has been flying off the shelves the most. Bottle Gentian and Eyebright are two others that are going out the door in a steady stream as they too are extremely supportive for eye concerns.

For many it’s our head where we notice the higher vibrations first. If headaches, unusual memory glitches, or a general fuzziness in your head has been something you have noticed in the last week or two, it could be your sixth chakra adjusting to the new energies. Snapdragon, Grapefruit, Silverrod, Breathe, Lemon Balm are just some that might hold helpful information for this transition. We have also found that just about everyone needs Flower Essence support for frayed nerves right now- Sarah Van Fleet Rose, Feverfew, Outburst, Jewelweed, and Indian Pipe are just a few of the ones that have felt particularly supportive to you right now.

Not surprisingly, I lean heavily on our combination remedy Flow Free during these kinds of energetic shifts, and I suggest it to just about everyone. I also try to keep very hydrated. Our work during these upticks is to keep the energies moving through us and to attune our systems to this new planetary vibration. Flow Free and being hydrated help with this task.

As these shifts can leave us feeling very spaced out, our Grounding mix is another that is very helpful. Grounding is all about keeping us physically present and fully in our bodies. The marriage of holding the new vibrations in our electrical system and being fully present is the goal during these energy upticks. Doing this helps us and humanity tremendously.

We have all heard the metaphor of how cleaning up our part of the pond affects the whole pond. There is deep healing change for ourselves and all creation that comes as we make manifest these beautiful high vibrations flooding into the planet to support us and lift us up.

I know this can seem like a missive from a naïve Pollyanna. The surface news is dire with rising violence and incivility. However, great and good changes are afoot on this precious planet, and as each of us shine our love and light in the world, we are a part of these changes!