More Old Friends

Our walks to the beach were a time for me to

dawdle behind the group visiting with Flower friends. I have no idea how others travel through the world but for me, everywhere I go I am so happy to see Flowers I love. When in St John I get to visit with Flowers I don’t see very often. The visits are so sweet because of their rarity.


Though were I to live in St John, these visits would be a daily occurence. So many Flowers are like Dandelions in New Hampshire. Momordica charantia, on our line up with its nickname Maiden Apple is one that grows on wastegrounds everywhere. This makes her no less special. As a traditional herbal, Momordica has a lot of nicknames including jumbie pumpkin. I was delighted to get a picture of this jumbie pumpkin for you as well as an overdue picture of its Flower, so reminiscent of northern squash blossoms.


I had been warned last trip about these vivid red seeds. Everyone had a different story about whether the squash was edible or not. I like how Flower Essences bypass the issues of toxicity by simply not being about the chemical components of the plant. I can look at these fruits and seeds not to consider whether it would be a deadly snack, but to consider what they tell me about the wisdom of Maiden Apple’s Flower Essence.

These startling red seeds contained within this elegant yellow squash suggest to me Maiden Apple’s wisdom about containing our life force wisely and expressing ourselves clearly. As Maiden Apple says, ” I AM a radical friend but also one that helps you move peacefully, confidently and clearly towards your destiny.”

Speaking of startling red, I was thrilled to find Wild Red Morning Glory blooming. This was an Essence I made on a trip to St John in 1997 and I had not seen this plant flowering since then. My St John Flora and Fauna remarked that this was a rare plant for St John, found only by the NY Botanical botanist who wrote the book right where I had seen this plant myself, in the upper Maho campground parking lot. This time I found it growing in a different spot, giving rise to a hope that it was expanding its territory. I love how Wild Red Morning Glory is a such an unabashed fiesta of morale support. We certainly still need its affirming gifts about the power and glory of womanhood.

Ginger Thomas also known as Yellow Elder, Yellow Cedar, Torchwood, and Christmas Hope. This small tree, native of the new world, feels like a wise elder that sits and listens to any sorting out of our troubles and then helps us translate these jumbled thoughts into a settled and wise course of action. Every time I lifted my head to see its blossoms in the branches above my head, I felt cheered on. Elder indeed!


Coralita! Coralita! How overdue a picture of this gem is. We have long been using this Essence in our mixes including “Watch Your Back” and offering it as an individual Flower Essence for its stunning ability to untangle electrical tangles in the main chakras and generally recharge and revitalize the electrical system of the body. What a sweetheart! What a powerhouse! This Flower reminds me that Love conquers all.

Bacopa monnieri comes in a variety of shades. Here she is a soft shade of pink.
Here she is in a deeper shade of magenta. Always Bacopa brings information about finding joy in daily life, unfettered happiness and delight no matter the circumstances.

Arriving at the beach, there is always gorgeous Seaside Mahoe, offering her gifts of vibrational support for anyone grieving the end of a romantic partnership. There is something so soothing about this Flower, so intensely beautiful as well.

And after my sweet moments with all these Flowers, it was such a tough gig to have to jump back into the water with amphibious William to cool off.

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