Why Our Flower Essence Combinations Have so Many Flower Essences in Them

I recently read a study in which people who stopped to smell the Flowers were discovered to be happier than those who didn’t. This makes complete sense to me. Wandering amongst Flowers is one way to experience the vibration of Flowers. These vibrations are positive ones. They encourage our electrical systems towards greater health, well-being and happiness. They help calm our overwrought electrical systems that face so much dissonance each day.


Flower Essences are another way we can receive the healing vibrations of the Flowers even when there is no garden of Flowers nearby.

Which brings me to the topic of today’s blog. It’s that old chestnut, “Why do Green Hope Farm Flower Essences have so many Flower Essences in them when Dr. Bach said to only use a couple Flower Essences at once?”

Let’s consider for a moment the world in which Dr. Bach created his body of work about Flower Essences.

What were the noises in his 1930’s country neighborhood? In his Oxfordshire office in Brighwell-cum-Sotwell perhaps he heard the ticking of a clock, the cough of his receptionist or the murmur of a patient in the waiting room. It was very quiet. The airwaves around his desk were not filled with complex man made waves of information. The world outside his office was also still. If he opened a window to the surrounding countryside he heard the sound of wind in the trees, rooks cawing, and during the gardening season, the sound of songbirds and insects. There was the occasional noise of a car or tractor. Into this quiet world, a few Flower Essences would be very balancing.

Compare this with the noises you hear right now. And what we hear doesn’t begin to encompass the dissonance we are dealing with.

I believe one of the real challenges for all of us is the immense dissonance we live in. This is so very different than Dr. Bach’s world. I am concerned about too much dissonance not too much healing information from too many Flowers.


Even here at very rural Green Hope Farm there is always background noise both of the obvious kind and the modern device kind. We all live in a much more complicated vibrational soup of noise and dissonance than dear Dr. Bach. Our electrical systems are under greater duress than ever before.

So I have followed my guidance without hesitation to create Flower Essence blends that offer the wisdom of many Flowers to ease and heal us with the very complex situations we are dealing with.

A single Flower and its Essence spoke volumes in Dr. Bach’s world. And I know a single Flower Essence can STILL be transformative for each of us. My life has been blessed with many experiences of a single Flower Essence making an immense difference in my life.


However we are also in untold situations where we do not even know what we are dealing with vibrationally or how to deal with it, where the vibrational knots are complex and many Flower Essences can help to unknot us.

This is where I am so grateful for the guiding wisdom I receive. When I go to make a Flower Essence combination, I meet with the Angels. As the architects of all form, they know just how to design the best combination Flower Essence mixes possible. Sometimes the focus of a mix comes from your suggestions and requests, and sometimes the Angels tell us it is needed. But always, I sit with the Angels to assemble the ingredient list.

Sometimes this takes a long time. I will receive a list of Flower Essence ingredients from the Angels but will know I am missing something. Sometimes I need to make other Essences or must pour over our additional Essences to find the Flower Essences that will complete the combination mix. It is like a treasure hunt that I continue until I am told the combination remedy is complete and balanced.


Together these Flower Essences create a harmonious melody singing a specific healing song in unity. Each Flower Essence contributes from a place of oneness. Individual Flower Essences never pull us in different conflicting directions.

The mixes are like an orchestra playing for us in perfect unison and harmony. A violin solo can be right for one experience of healing while sometimes we need a piece of music in which all the instruments play. Flower Essences are music too. Sometimes we need one beautiful note from one beloved Flower, and sometimes we need the music created with many different Flowers making their music.

I am grateful for the Angels creating these musical combinations. I am grateful that they make it clear to me when a Flower Essence combination is just as it should be, with the Flower Essence ingredients it needs.

Another almost literal analogy for a Flower Essence versus a Flower Essence combination remedy is to consider the experience of visiting with a single Flower as compared to spending time in a garden of many Flowers.


Let me give you a few examples of the creation process for a combination remedy. This fall we introduced a mix called Wound Healing. We made it at the behest of one of you dear people. Once it was made, I felt it was something long overdue. However the Angels said it took this long to create because we needed to make all the specific Essences so that the music of the combination was just right. There were many Flower Essence missions and many Flower Essences made so this mix could be the most exquisite wound healing music for our electrical systems. The many Flowers help heal wounds that are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Combined together they help us get to the core of the wound so healing can be complete.

Or consider our remedy Golden Armor. This one was created after 911 at the request of Archangel Michael. I had no conception of how the world would change in terms of technology after that moment. As I have mentioned before, I thought the intent of this remedy was more in the vein of protecting us from anthrax or something like that. But the Angels had a longer view than I did. They knew that burgeoning technology and stress as well as rising vibrations would give us a lot to deal with. This remedy has many complex layers of healing information about sound protection and buffering as well as viral and bacterial protection. It supports us to be in the world but not of the world, keeping our electrical systems humming at a high clear rate even when we are bombarded with dissonant vibration.

Yesterday a Green Hope friend called Kim wrote us,
“Still wonder why there are so many remedies per essence. This is very uncommon. How do you decide to lump so many together and assume more is better which often is not. Especially since Bach for example are singles save for rescue remedy.”

I attached this information from the Guidebook as I still think it says something worth saying,

We receive many questions about the safe number of Flower Essences to take at one time. Some of the most widely read information on Flower Essences is very firm about not taking more than a few Flower Essences at a time. Many of these books were written over eighty years ago or are based on principles set forth eighty years ago. I suggest you read this literature with a big grain of salt. Just as a driver’s manual for a 1930’s Model T Ford would not answer questions about your new Lexus, this information is inspiring, but it cannot be the final word on Flower Essences or your energy system. As with the evolution of the motorcar, your electrical system is not what it would have been in the 1930’s, nor is it the same as it was in the 1980’s or even the 1990’s. You and your electrical system are in the process of rapid vibratory change. Dogma only inhibits your ability to support yourself, in these changing times as efficiently and completely as possible. Toss out the Model T literature and follow the manual for your present electrical system; YOUR guidance from YOUR heart in this NOW.

I also repeated my conviction that each day our electrical systems are assaulted by a lot of negative information that we have to manage. This is difficult for us. However, our electrical systems are thirsty for good information and adept at reading and learning from all this good information. We can handle many Flower Essences and complex Flower Essence combinations just fine, much as we could handle the vibration of a large bouquet of mixed Flowers or that garden of Flowers mentioned before.


In fact, right now we need this information. So please wallow in Flowers! Trust yourself if your water glass is pink with Flower Essences. We are in a unique moment in time, and Flower Essences are uniquely suited to help us right now.