Fall Happens

At night, the clouds have been saturated purples and blues, colors so typical of autumn skies.


With only a few frosts under our belt, the Cosmos close to the house keep blooming.
Riley takes a moment to enjoy the Flowers without MayMay bugging him.


The apple crop has been phenomenal. We eat apples morning, noon, and night and there are still more to harvest, store, freeze, or can as applesauce. Here is the ground beneath a couple of wild apple trees at the top of our driveway. The turkeys and deer should be able to find plenty of food this winter.


I am back at the cider press again. Pear mush is just a dim memory as our freezer fills with gallons of lovely apple cider and our stovetop has a pot of simmering hot mulled cider on it. Not that we need warming drinks. It’s been in the seventies and eighties here.

Nonetheless, the leaves are changing color and looking spectacular as the do so. And we are enjoying every bright leaf.

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