Wearing Red

Emily has come and she has gone. While she was in the building, I hovered around her like a honeybee to her Flower. I savored the additional household clutter. Wasn’t it nice to see that big pile of laundry? I relished the sweet sounds of her feet pounding around upstairs with William. I listened with delight to the music of her epic showers and found strange joy in her critique of our water pressure. It was all good. So wonderfully good. And then, she was back to school and I was back glued to game seven, a card carrying member of Red Sox Nation.

Today, in the wake of “our” triumph, I muse, “Wednesday is only three nights away. Will “our” men be rested?” Now I wonder, “How good is this upstart Colorado team that was bottom of the league only last year?” Now I consider, “Will “we” play four, five, six or seven games against the Rockies?”

That disinterested little half baked Red Sox nut has flowered into a big nut.

Caught in the fever pitch of the playoffs, by the time the dust settles and the world series are over, I’ll probably be sporting a wad of chewing tobacco and Red Sox regalia from head to toe. Certainly, I will don the requisite BoSox cap per Will and Jim’s instructions. And maybe Ben will lend me his 2004 World Series t-shirt…… Maybe not. After all, he needs to wear this in order for “us” to win.

And all this inner hoopla is because William bugged me to keep knitting at his side while he watched the playoffs….

What started out as keeping the men company during their interminable sports viewing has become well, actually of interest.

Life is like that, isn’t it?

I like Flowers so I begin a garden. I make more gardens because I like the first one I make. In these gardens, I listen to a gorgeous Cosmos Flower who wants me to make some strange thing called a “Flower Essence.” I make a Flower Essence from its lovely petals and I am enchanted by the results. Then I make more. A lot more. Soon my pantry is so full of Flower Essences there is no place for food. Soon, I have an inventory of eight or nine hundred Flower Essences, several buildings dedicated to Flower Essences and a UPS truck that roars down our hill each day laden with packages to all of you.

What an unexpected adventure Life turns out to be! A big, messy, unexpectedly diverse, generous, humorous, continuous, surprise party!

This week I will attend this party wearing red!

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