Questions from Yesterday’s Email


Here are a couple of email questions from yesterday’s email, two about dogs and one about specific Essence suggestions for certain situations. At the close of this blog, webmaster Ben explains how to follow this blog i.e. get a notice when I have posted a new one!

Q: “I have a maltese/yorkie mix that has terrible separation anxiety with me. She was traumatized (and attacked) a few times when she was a puppy so now does not know how to play with other dogs and gets very afraid around them. What Essences would be helpful for her?

In addition, how do I know how much to give my dog and for how long? Do you find that the essences permanently help heal past emotional wounding and traumas?”

A: ” Anxiety is a very soothing Flower Essence combination remedy that can help with the overwhelming anxiety your maltese/yorkie feels when you are not around. Abandonment & Abuse can help your maltese/yorkie release past trauma and her related PTSD from the attacks. Separation and Golden Armor are two others to consider. The Golden Armor helps a traumatized animal (or person) feel buffered from situations that trigger PTSD. Separation specifically brings information to situations of separation anxiety. I also like Arbor Garden for animals learning to socialize with other dogs as it helps them feel safe and also feel an underlying sense of harmony in whatever community they find themselves in.”

As far as the other questions- This was my answer:

“The basic tenant of Flower Essences is that they offer people and animals course corrections for their electrical systems- road maps to solve their electrical issues/glitches/tangles. People and animals literally copy this information to make permanent changes.

It often takes a traumatized animal longer than other animals to learn how to hold the electrical changes so frequent reminders from the Flower Essences are helpful. However Flower Essences do give animals and people the opportunity to make permanent healing shifts.”

I always like to note how wonderfully animals respond to Flower Essences so I also said, “Animals love Flower Essences and use them with such clarity- I often wish adults were as adept with them as animals and children are.

As far as the specifics of giving these to your maltese/yorkie, you could put a few drops in her food or water a couple times a day- you could also spritz her with a mix of the Essences in water (a plant mister will work or a 2 ounce spritzer bottle from us). She will pay attention to the information because electrical energies, both positive and negative, are how animals experience the world- and all of these methods of application offer the information of the Essences to her electrical system.  

It varies from animal to animal how long an animal needs the remedies- You can stop giving them to her when you feel she is doing better and see if she can hold her own without the reminder of the information of the Essences.” 

Another question received from another GHF friend was in a similar vein,
Q: “How long should my dog be on the Essences?”

A: “People and animals can learn all they need to learn from some Essences after taking them just a few times- Other times if the situation is more complex/evolving and the Flower Essences are layered in their strengths (such as with our combination remedies like Golden Armor and with many wise individual Flowers like Sweet Pea or Passion Flower), it can be beneficial to take the Essences for longer-

For example, if your dog is nervous in certain situations and the Anxiety helps your dog learn how to relax in these situations, he might not need Anxiety again until some other situation that makes him nervous crops up or some different stress occurs in which case he might take a sort of refresher course by being exposed to the Essence again. This will help him learn how to let go of his Anixety in a variety of situations. 

As far as when to stop giving your beloved the Essences- Sometimes people figure out when to stop giving the Essences to their animals by stopping giving them and seeing if the animals have learned the information so well that they don’t need a reminder- If the behavior that prompted you to give the Essences in the first place doesn’t reoccur- no need to keep giving the Essence- if it does, your beloved may need the info for longer- Like any other learning situation- some learn faster than others and some need more refresher courses than others.”  


Another GHF friend asked,
Q: “I’m looking for essences to help release old anger, move through blockages to the higher self and help dealing with difficult, triggering personalities.”

My answer would probably be different each time I was asked these questions because there are so many that could help with these issues but these are the ones that came to mind yesterday when answering this question.

A: “For releasing deep and old angers, here are some possibilities-
Flow Free
Mary Queen of Scots Rose
Bee Balm
Christmas Bush 
If the angers are family of origin related, the
Family River trio of Black Currant, Bloodroot and Borage are wonderful for release and healing of these kinds of wounds-

For moving through blockages to the higher self
Carry Less
All Ego Contracts Null & Void
The Angels created a set called
Releasing Blocks and Limits for this reason

In dealing with difficult triggering personalities- 
Golden Armor
Rattlesnake Master
Eyes of Mary
All Ego Contracts Null & Void would also be good for this- and Flow Free! 
Some other ones to check out:
Fendler’s Groundsel from Colorado- these ones from Colorado are big picture ones- this one for unity consciousness among people who disagree- certainly a very complex topic for humanity right now
Artichoke– for sanctuary and space from conflict -I love this one!

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